Petition against mosque in Herefordshire


ipetitions has a petition against the idea of building a mosque in Herefordshire.

Unfortunately mosques are completely unlike any other place of worship. Christian Churches , Jewish Synagogues, Hindu Temples and Sikh Gurudwawas do not appear to spend an inordinate amount of time promoting hatred for members of other religions or other races. Only Islam promotes an extreme genocidal hatred of non Muslims. It is only mosques in the UK that have been implicated in radicalising their members to hate that which is outside of their own beliefs.

Only Islam is a major threat to our society. Only Islam has blown up tube trains and buses. Only Islam is acting as a fifth column against British freedom and the British people.

Sign the petition if you can if you are in Herefordshire and you object to the ideology of Islam. It’s not about the design of the building or its location that people should object to, it is what goes on inside. Don’t be put off by the multikulti traitors who will scream ‘racist’ at you for objecting to the fascist ideology of Islam. Objecting to Islam is no more racist than saying ‘I don’t like carrots.’ Islam is an ideology, NOT a race.

People should be free to worship what ever god they wish, but when a persons belief in that particular god, or religious ideology, in this case the belief that Mohammed the ‘prophet’ was a perfect man, starts to damage our society then it should be perfectly morally acceptable to peacefully and legally object to that belief or ideology.

Those who believe in freedom and justice should no more want a mosque in their town than they should want a local branch of the Nazi Party.

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