A quick note to Mr David Cameron

There is no point in fighting Islamic fascists overseas, if while you are doing such fighing, your government is pandering to and indulging similar Islamic fascists at home. It is self defeating to supply transport planes to fight Islamic fascists in Mali, while similar Islamonazis are being allowed to organise in the UK.

Why not deal with the problem on our own doorstep first, then deal with the problems elsewhere. I support hitting the Islamonazis in Mali, but it can’t be effectively done if we still have an Islamonazi fifth column operating here in Britain.


Telegraph article on aid to Mali


Islamofash organise in UK educational institutions


(hat tip Kafircrusader)

2 Comments on "A quick note to Mr David Cameron"

  1. And admit that the great multi cultural experiment hasnt just failed to deliver what you hoped for but is about to catastrophically blow up in your face?
    They`ll never admit to that even when there`s open ethnic sectarian war in the streets.

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 15, 2013 at 7:28 am |

      Multiculturalism has been an utter disaster. It is one thing to treat people equally no matter what their external appearances are, it is quite another to treat the barbarity of Islamic culture as an equal of Western culture. After all, there is no Islamic Einstien, no Islamic Leonardo, no Islamic Newton. Islam is a ‘sub-prime’ culture, and we see the results every day from the islamic world and more frighteningly on the streets of the UK.

      No amount of propaganda from the BBC et al, can for me, polish the steaming turd that is Islamic culture.

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