I’ve just seen Danny Alexander MP on the TV…

Danny Alexander – A face only his mother or a treasonous Liberal Democrat could love.

…..and he really does look like the epitome of the sleazy, untrustworthy, un-patriotic, Janus-faced, politically opportunistic, anti-British, forked tongued speaking, Liberal Democrat.  Truly Danny Alexander is the living example of the question, to which the answer would be no, about “Would you buy a used car from this man?”

To see him speaking about Europe and desperately trying to scare voters into thinking that Britain cannot surivive without being members of the rapidly failing basket case that is the EU, reminds me again why I despise the Liberal Democrats.  A party that despite its name, doesn’t recognise that plurality of views is an essential for a liberal society, and is dedicated to stopping the British people from having a democratic say about our relationship with Europe.

The Lib Dumbs got their fingers burned over the Alterative Vote referendum.  They expected to win this but in the end it was only the North London ‘Museli Belt’ and a few idiot students, that voted in favour of AV.  The people spoke and rejected  a change in the voting system.  Because of this defeat, the Lib Dems are desperate to avoid giving the average British  person a say in membership of a European club that costs us more than we get out of it and whose edicts continue to damage our society, economy and our legal system.

The Lib Dems, untrustworthy yesterday, untrustworthy today, and untrustworthy forever.


Danny Alexander on Europe



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  1. Paris Claims | January 14, 2013 at 7:01 am |

    I’m sure if someone was to properly survey their voters it would reveal that a clear majority of their support come from those that simply cannot bring themselves to vote for either lab or con. ( plus a few students that think someone else needs to pay for their essentials, beer, fags and drugs)
    By the same token, I expect the majority who vote con or lab do so so prevent the other getting in.
    There is a huge opportunity for Farage to turn the tide here, I just hope he’s not a sell out.

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 14, 2013 at 7:59 am |

      Paris, I look on Nigel Farage and his party as one of the best hopes of changing things for the better. Yes UKIP does contain some oddballs but these oddballs (like the lunatic and now sacked UKIP Youth Leader who was advocating an extreme libertarian position re bestiality and necrophilia) but I’d rather have a party that accepts that humans can hold differing views, and tolerates a few oddballs than the sort of statist clones that Labour and now sadly the Tories promote.

      I would have voted Conservative at the next election to stop Labour. But not anymore. I’ve been disgusted that Cameron has been so pro-EU and angered that Cameron has fought battles that do not need to be fought (eg Gay Marriage) but has caved in when he should have fought, for example with the EU, immigration and fighting the Islamic fifth column that we’ve allowed to become established in the UK.

      It has been suggested by some that the BNP is a suitable repository for anti mainstream votes but I can’t bring myself to vote BNP for moral reasons and also because I don’t believe they’ve kicked out their Hitler worshippers. I also dont’ think they’ve become the respectable anti Jihad / anti immigration party that they have tried to position themselves as and are still tainted in many people’s minds because of the BNP’s history. Also I’ve seen BNP councillors in action and to be quite frank, they were so intellectually dim that the establishment councillors ran rings round them. Having councillors who dont’ attend council meetings because ‘all this stuff goes right over my head’ (Cllr Kelley former BNP councillor from Dagenham) doesn’t exactly engender confidence in a party. The BNP is NOT the answer to our current problems.

      I will probably vote UKIP at the next election because I hate the Labour Party, with a burning passion for the damage it has done to Britain, but sadly I can no longer trust the Conservatives to represent me or stand up for my nation.

      I also hope Nigel Farage will not sell out but time will tell on this issue.

      • Paris Claims | January 14, 2013 at 10:06 am |

        The BNP has imploded, it’s a busted flush. UKip will hoover up most of its support, the remainder will probably dift off to the NF or some of the other micro parties. At the back of my mind I can’t help thinking that Farage could sell out for a safe tory seat, a promise of a cabinet post and some wishy washy multiple choice referendum. I hope my fears are unfounded.

        • Fahrenheit211 | January 14, 2013 at 10:18 am |

          Agreed the BNP is a busted flush. They could have dumped the Jew haters and the outright racists other loons and become a purely pro patriotic and anti Islam party, and they may have been able to get somewhere. The problem is, if the BNP had dumped their loons then they would have had no party management.

          UKIP will pick up ex Tory votes, but it also, as we saw in Rotherham, has the ability to pick up ex Labour voters as well. UKIP will certainly pick up those votes from people who voted for the BNP in the past as a protest against the establishment parties, leaving the BNP with just their core vote (which to be quite frank isn’t much).

  2. The only way the Tories will get my vote is if we get an in/out referendum on the EU before the next GE,otherwise my vote will be going to UKIP.

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