Islamic vigilantes in London – an update

The Commentator blog reports that the Metropolitan Police have been stung and shamed into action following their story on Islamic vigilante gangs operating in London.

Other media outlets took up the story (but shockingly didn’t link back to the Commentator blog) and this may have forced the police to at least, appear to look as if they are doing something about it.

I did have to laugh at the report on the Commentator that the East London Mosque has condemned these vigilante gangs, but bearing in mind that the East London Mosque is affiliated and connected to the Islamic Forum Europe and the Bangladeshi Islamofascist group Jamaat e Islami.  I’m not going to accept the words of the ELM at face value as they do have a reputation for being inveterate dissemblers who say one thing in English to naive non-Muslim liberals and Leftists, and quite another in Urdu and Arabic to their Muslim audience .  If you want to know more about the shenanigans surrounding the East London Mosque, then Andrew Gilligan of the Telegraph will provide you with a lot of background.


The original Commentator blog story on the Muslim vigilante piece and the Commentators follow up

Follow up on how the mainstream media has picked up this story.

Andrew Gilligan on the East London Mosque (there is more than this one article if you dig on the Telegraph site)

Harry’s Place blog on the involvement of extremists including Jamaat in the East London Mosque

Jewish Chronicle article on foolish Left wing Jews being hoodwinked into supporting the community organisation London Citizens even though London Citizens has extensive contacts and involvement with the East London Mosque.  Personally I find it distasteful in the extreme to see Jews of all people aligning themselves with ideologies such as Islam which have a long record of appalling Jew hatred.  Have not these foolish left-wing Jews learned NOTHING from the 20th century, have they not learned that when someone says they want to kill you then they probably bloody mean it.