January British ‘Neville’ Award winner

Despite being up against stiff competition in the field of pro-Islamic pandering from Judge Michael Stokes who let an Islamic sex offender walk from court with a non-custodial sentence, our British Neville Award for idiotic pandering to Islam has been won this month by the Reverend David Salter, team vicar of St Mary’s Church, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

The Reverend Salter has won this months ignominious award for suspending his critical faculties and speaking out in favour of a mosque being built in Chipping Norton.

Read the full story of the Reverend Salter’s folly via the link below.


I bear no animosity towards the Reverend Salter but it may be a good idea if he informed himself of just how badly Islamic nations treat Christians before he welcomes into Chipping Norton, the represntatives of the oppressors of his co-religionists.

I shall despatch to the Reverend Salter, his prize which is in the form of a hopefully framed, certificate in the very near future.


January British ‘Neville’ Award winner — 3 Comments

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