Whose side are our councils on? It certainly doesn’t seem to be on the side of those who object to imported fascist ideologies.

The ‘Hitler’ salute, still very much in fashion in the world of Islamic fascism

Despite valid and principled objections by people in Chipping Norton against the imposition of a Mosque on the town, West Oxfordshire council has overridden these objections based on transport,, parking and fire safety factors, and said that the plan to convert a shop in Chippy into a mosque can go ahead.

The plans which were put forward by a Muslim conservative Chipping Norton town councillor Tahirul Hasan, were originally turned down by the Town Council itself, but this decision was set aside by West Oxfordshire District Council.

This is a disgusting decision by West Oxfordshire and shows just how much pandering to Islam is going on in our local governments. This is especially so when you consider that there are only 34 Muslims in Chippy when compared to a whole population of 6,337. This Islamic group is being treated far more favourably than either their numbers or their reputation deserves. It also appears that there has been an element of ‘taqqyia’ here from Cllr Hasan as was outlined by the Chipping Norton Journal online local magazine.

The CNJ magazine said:

Ed: In a previously interview Mr Hasan led us to believe “The meetings will only be for five or ten minutes at a time”. Now he says “to rent the room for prayers five times a day, seven days a week and wants the mosque to be open from sunrise to sunset”. Development by stealth as one former Councillor used to say.

Great! Another Islamic liar to file with the others (see links below).

Like it or not, Islam as an ideology is controversial, its followers and nations established on its precepts, have an unenviable reputation in diverse times and places for violence, oppression of women and religious minorities, aggression and racism. If such a reputation was found in any other group, then that would have them held in reasonable and proper suspicion by any decent person and especially by our elected representatives. They would be treated in the same way as groups like the Ku Klux Klan would be treated, which is with utter contempt. It is inconvievable that an extreme White Power group or a group from the revolutionary Left would be treated in the pandering way that West Oxfordshire have treated this application by an Islamic group. When you couple that pandering with the well established and documented disemblement and dishonesty in politics, which is so often practiced by Islamic groups then you have a lethal combination of factors which in the long term will endanger freedom and democracy in this country.

Our politicians, both local and national and the non elected officers and servants for whom they are responsible, need to be told that there needs to be an end to this appeasement of Islam. The elected appeasers need to be educated about the very reasonable and genuine concerns that many people have about the ideology of Islam and this education needs to take place in the streets, at the representatives surgery and at the ballot box.

We must stand up and say no more unchecked Islamic expansionism because Islamic values are not our values. The British have rightly prided themselves on being tolerant of peaceful differences, and this country has at times been a haven the oppressed who have gone on to contribute greatly to the economy and culture of the UK. However, we should be careful that such a hand of tolerance should not be extended to the aggressive and intolerant ideology of Islam, which has brought to Britiain not new businesses or inventive minds or cultural geniuses, but instead death, hostile ghettos, threats of violence and political and moral corruption.


Chipping Norton Journal article on on Chippy mosque


Chipping Norton Conservatives councillor listing including bio of Cllr Hasan who interestingly writes for Bangladeshi media, which immediately brings up questions such as ‘what are his other Bangladeshi connections’? Having observed the ongoing saga of the East London Mosque and knowing how ‘bent’ British Bangladeshi politics can be it may be helpful if people could check to see if Cllr Hasan has any connections with either the Islamic Forum Europe of Jamaat e Islami. These are both Bengali Islamic extremist groups that have a record for encouraging Islamic religious aggression in the UK. The fact that here we have someone who appears to be primarily concerned with promoting Islam in Chippy sitting as a Tory councillor, tells us a lot about the penetration by Islamic apologists of Camerons Conservative Party. Lets hope he is unseated by UKIP or similar in the future, that would be political justice.


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