Scary Numbers – 54 grooming arrests in just one British town.

There are many ‘scary numbers’ that pop up from time to time, things like the size of the UK fiscal deficit, the number of deluded people who think British schools are doing a good job, and the size of Labour’s bent postal vote pool. However there is this very disturbing figure that I found on the website Kafircrusader which shows just how many Islamic Grooming Gang cases or other sex crime arrests have taken place in one Islam-dominated British town.

Police in the Bradford area have arrested a total of 54 paedophile groomers in the last 5 months alone. It is highly likely given the current demographics of Bradford that most of these offenders are likely to be Muslims.

Normally you would expect to find sex offenders from all parts of the community, which is true, they can be found amongst all groups. But this particular type offence where there is on-street or, more often in-halal-takeaway grooming is mostly an Islamic offence.

I’m stunned by the figure given at Kafircrusader. You would expect to see a few cases per year but to have 54 cases in a town the size of Bradford is appalling. It is a stunningly, truly, awful number and represents some of Bradford’s share of the growing number of non-Muslim female victims of Britain’s Islamic Grooming Gangs.

It makes me, and probably others, angry that these arrests in Bradford and elsewhere in Britain, of those involved in Islamic Grooming and Rape activity have only started happening in any appreciable number since Labour lost the 2010 General Election. Freed from Labour’s oppressive political correctness, some officers in some police forces are starting to come to terms with this problem, but I fear that these current and past cases are but the tip of the iceberg and there may be many more Islamic sex offence cases about to come to light.

Think about that number I gave earlier, 54, and consider the number of victims that this number of abusers can affect, and then consider the demographics of Bradford and its concentration of Muslims. It should not be denied any longer that certain types of sex crime, in this case organised grooming, are not spread equally across all groups in the UK but appears to be primarily a violent perversion that grows in the dungheap of Islam.

Islam is bad for women, it is bad for Muslim women in Islamic countries, bad for Muslim women in the UK and is increasingly a threat to British non Muslim women especially those who are vulnerable, underage or who have been a victim of Britain’s ‘care’ system.

Anybody who has a daughter should be extra watchful about her associations with Muslims and look out for signs that she could be being groomed and be firm and prohibitionist if necessary. Are there teenage Muslim boys hanging round her at or after school, does she spend time in the Islamic takeaways that have so often been implicated in these Islamic Grooming Gang cases? Are there unusual changes in behaviour? Changes of friends? We must tell our daughters the truth about the misogyny inherent in Islam, despite what Islamic apologists say about it, and give them the mental and physical tools to help them not to become victims of this Islamicly inspired rape wave. Inform yourself of the scale of the problem and then resolve to try to do something about it.


Original piece by Kafircrusader on 54 grooming arrests in Bradford

Also from the Kafircrusaders site, here is that site’s very informative Islamic paedophile and grooming gang map (yes the problem is now so bad that a map is needed to keep track of all the cases). This map is updated regularily and shows just how many Islamic rapists, paedophiles and on street grooming cases are being uncovered.