Abu Qatada investigated for possession of hate filled literature, who’d have thought it.

There is one thing missing from this picture, some bars in front of him.

Sky News is quoting a Senior Metropolitan Police officer Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Osborne as saying that Qatada may have breached the bail condition that forbade him from using the internet. Sky News said:

“ Mr Osborne revealed that radical cleric Abu Qatada is being investigated over the alleged possession of extremist publications, which could breach his bail conditions.

The 52-year-old was originally arrested on March 8 for alleged bail breaches. Police had searched the preacher’s house in north London before he was held.

“When we searched his house before his arrest, that was a police search in relation to investigating some publications, to see if that was anything that reached a criminal threshold,” said Mr Osborne.

“There is an awful lot of media that needs to be looked through.”

The material was from a range of sources, including from the internet. Police are investigating whether any of the publications were written by Qatada.

Sky News’ crime correspondent Martin Brunt said: “This was part of a police investigation into what has been described as ‘publications and extremist literature’ in a range of different languages.

“It’s a complex investigation. Qatada’s bail conditions refused him access to the internet and what police found appears to have breached that.” “

It is unlikely that many would be surprised at the idea that Qatada would try to find some way to promulgate his ideology of hatred whenever he could, and the possiblity of an arrest like this is not something that many people would have bet against.

Let us hope that this alleged breach of his bail conditions helps the cause of sending him swiftly from a cell in London to a cell in Jordan.

The same report from Sky also outlines the sheer danger that Britons are in from Islamic terrorists either home-grown or imported. The report said that DAC Osborne had said that the police broke one 7/7 sized Islamic terror plot every year.

Sky news reported DAC Osborne as saying that the threats against Britain are:

“”constantly changing” and Islamic extremists are now planning in smaller groups to avoid detection.

“On average we’ve probably had about one potential attack planned with an intent to create something similar to July 7 every year,” he said.

“There is no doubt that the big sophisticated 9/11 or 7/7-type plots are much harder to organise, they did need a lot of overseas direction, and some of the al Qaeda leadership have said ‘that’s good if you can do it’, but whatever you can do at whatever size is useful.

“We are seeing more small groups getting together at shorter notice and more people wanting to do things without that broader command and control.”

This just shows that not only have Islamic terrorists not gone away in Britain, but that our Islamic enclaves are producing more and more Islamic radicals who are now a constant threat to the security of the UK. This level of constant threat of terror and the seemingly high number of small independent Islamic terror groups should convince any responsible government that something concerted and effective needs to be done about the growth of Islamic terrorism and the hostile ghettos that encourage it and support it.

How can anybody say, with a straight face, that Islam is a religion of peace, when so many of this religions adherents either wish to impose their way of lives on others and quite willing to use violence in order to do so.


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