Bearded Savages of the Day number 62

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The decimation and destruction that Nigerian Jihadists have brought to that country’s Christian community appears to get worse by the day. Whether it be random churches raked with gunfire or teachers of secular or non-Muslim subjects murdered, the attacks by Islamic groups like Boko Haram, the situation in Nigeria shows the inherant lack of tolerance and respect for others by yet more followers of Islamic ideology.

The scale of the problem facing Nigerian Christians is immense. The UPI news agency reported that a majority of the Catholic churches in one diocese alone had been alleged to have been destroyed. Quoting a priest from the Nigerian Catholic Church UPI said:

“The Rev. Jerome Ituah of Christ the King Catholic Parish in Kurudu, a populated area of the Abuja Capital Territory, made the accusation Saturday, saying he witnessed the destruction, Leadership Newspapers reported.

“Out of the 52 Catholic churches in Maiduguri diocese, 50 of them have been destroyed by Boko Haram. Yet the faithful are not discouraged of their faith. You would always see them worshiping under rain and sun in open places at the site of their destroyed places of worship,” Ituah said.

Ituah, who was in Maiduguri to lead a retreat with priests and the bishop of the diocese there, called on Catholics in Kurudu to pray for their counterparts in Maiduguri and elsewhere in northern Nigeria.”

50 out of 52 churches in one diocese is an appalling number and shows the ferocity of hatred that the Islamic groups in Nigeria have for Christians and other non-Muslims. Of course Christians should pray for their co-religionists and it is admirable how Christians are resisting in the ways they are, but Nigerian Christians need more than prayer, more than self-confidence and resiliance, they need action, preferably military.

The Nigerian Government (and others nations both within and outside Africa who are in a position to do so) should make a concerted effort to push back, with ‘extreme prejudice’ against the likes of Boko Haram, similar groups and those who aid and abet them.

Sometimes an enemy, like Boko Haram or worse, is so bad, so violent, so aggressive that, when faced with it, as Britain found in the recent past, that there is no alternative to Governments having to start fighting back, even if it causes bloodshed, because to not fight back invites genocide, oppression and enslavement. The Nigerian Government, with help, needs to do more to counter Islamic aggression in its part of Africa.

Also, we in the West need to get OUR governments to fight back against Islamic barbarism before the significant minority (see survey note below) of Europe’s Islamic community, who support the aggressive aspects of Islamic ideology, are allowed to become any more violent and numerous than they already are.

As Nigerian Christian are finding, looking the other way, turning the other cheek and appeasement where Islam is concerned, is bringing nothing but death and destruction.


Original story from UPI agency

Boko Haram certainly don’t look like they are going to ‘renounce violence’ which was part of a deal offered by the Nigerian Government to Boko Haram for an amnesty. An amnesty would be a terrible idea and would only be seen as a sign of weakness by Boko Haram. Groups like Boko Haram do not need appeasment, only complete destruction by a military counter attack. See link below for details of offered amnesty.

Islamic attitudes survey carried out by amongst others respectable pollsters such as Pew Global (thanks to Jamie Black over at The Commentator for putting this list together0

World Events and Conspiracy Theories:
29% believe the Holocaust occurred
45% thought 9/11 was a conspiracy between the USA and Israel…
17% believe 9/11 was carried out by an Arab…

Freedom of Speech:
78% thought that the publishers of the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed should be prosecuted
68% thought those who insulted Islam should be prosecuted
62% of people disagree that freedom of speech should be allowed even if it insults and offends religious groups…

Sympathy to Terrorism, Terrorists and Hate Preachers:
22% disagree that religious leaders supporting terrorism should be removed
19% say they respect Osama Bin Laden…
Just over half thought the conviction of the cleric Abu Hamza for incitement to murder and race hatred was fair…
24% believe violence against civilian targets to defend Islam can be justified in some cases…