Give us your March ‘Neville Chamberlain Award’ Nominations.

The February ‘winners’ of this sites British Neville Chamberlain Award for acting as a Quisling for Islam have been sent their certificate of dishonour (see below) and it is now time to work out who is going to be dishonoured this month.

Could it be the Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson, or Ed Milliband for dithering over whether to get rid of their bent postal vote enabler Islamic community leader ‘Lord’ Ahmed, the Greater Manchester Fire Service who are learning Urdu to help them communicate with the Islamic Bearded Savages of Manchester or even someone in your local council who is appeasing Islam or encouraging Mosque expansion and thereby helping to make Britain a more crappier, intolerant and dangerous place.

Let us know about your ‘Nevilles’ and this blog will publicise them. If you submit a genuine ‘Neville’ nomination that this site picks as a winner then there is a £5 ‘beer or pork pie voucher’ in it for you.

Like it or not the civilised world is at war with the forces of Islam, and has been since the the 7th Century AD, and as in any war, the greatest danger we face comes not from the barbarians at the gates but the collaborators and traitors who would not only open the gates and let the barbarians in, but also pander to their every whim.

So give us your ‘Neville’ nominations and help expose the dangerous and often deluded fifth column that is helping Islamic fascism to grow.

If you have an example of a ‘Neville’ that you wish me to publicise then either post about it in the comments thread below or email this blog at

The February ‘Neville Certificate’ that has been posted to the unworthy recipients to inform them that they cannot operate without scrutiny is reproduced below.  See the full story of Leicester City Council’s disgusting appeasement here:

February neville award certificate009

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  1. Furor Teutonicus | April 1, 2013 at 11:17 am |

    XX Urdu XX??!!??

    I thought that was what my misses got at the Urdressers!?

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