From Elsewhere: George Galloway fellates genocidal terrorists yet again

The Wartime traitor William Joyce aka Lord Haw Haw who’s behaviour was no different that that of George Galloway’s

Courtesy of the Guido Fawkes site comes this not quite surprising news that George Galloway the Islamic sedition promoting ‘Respect’ MP for the Islamic Republic of Bradford West, has yet again been burying himself politically in the groin of the murderous Islamic terrorists Hamas.

In a tweet sent out by Galloway he praised the re-election of Khaled Mishaal as leader of Hamas.

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Galloway proves that he is anti-British scum yet again.

It gives some idea how far the socialists have debased this nation that at one time we hung traitors such as Lord Haw Haw, but now our Islamic ‘guests’ vote them into Parliament.


Original Guido Fawkes story on Galloway fellating the Islamic terrorists of Hamas

Gates of Vienna on the extent of Islamic treason in the UK that was encouraged by the Labour Party