Hopefully a win for common sense. Halifax Bearded Savages told they can’t threaten schoolchildren with hellfire.

‘Aha, this is where it says that as a woman I’m worth less than livestock?’

Good news from the town of Halifax,West Yorkshire where plans for a proposed Islamic school were quashed because of links to ‘extremists’.

The London Daily Telegraph, in its print edition said:

“Ministers have suspended plans to open a high-profile Muslim free school amid allegations of links to ‘extremist’ views.

The Department of Education has opened an investigation into concerns over the Northern Lights Free School in Halifax, West Yorkshire, which was due to open in September. It follows claims that local Muslim families were under pressure to enrol their children at the new primary after a leaflet circulated in the area suggested they would go to hell if they did not participate.

The local MP, Linda Riordan, and the Calderdale Council have raised concerns that the plans could harm community cohesion. The Northern Lights Educational Trust, the group setting up the school under the flagship scheme of Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, denies any links to hard line views. It said it neither endorsed nor supported the leaflet sent by another group last year.

Lord Nash, the Schools Minister, wrote to Mrs Riordan to say the plans would be put on hold until concerns had been investigated. A spokesman from the Department of Education said it took ‘any form of extremism seriously’.

It is good to see the DoE taking this sort of Islamic extremism seriously and lets hope that this abomination of a plan for what will probably be an Islamic indoctrination centre is not just suspended but cancelled permanently. It is also good to see the followers of the ideology of Islam being slapped by the ‘community cohesion’ weapon, which shamefully has too often in the past, been used to shut up those who speak out against the problems inherent the ideology of Islam, or to cover up the extent of Islamic grooming gangs for example.

Having had experience of Islamic groups denying outright responsibility for what those that the groups are associated with, either closely or loosely, have done I’m afraid that I take the denials by the Trust of involvment or approval of the leaflets with not just a pinch of salt but a whole cellar-full.

It is highly unlikely that the Sulphurous miasma of extremism that is being given off by the Northern Lights Educational Trust, which has been revealed by recent media coverage and questions by Mrs Riordan, comes from that group alone and there needs to be an urgent independent investigation of what attitudes are being taught in our Islamic schools. In the light of this Halifax case and the Darul Uloom school in Birmingham, which encouraged hatred of Hindus and Jews, maybe it is time to see the presence of Islamic schools per se as being contrary to community cohesion? The promoters and management of Islamic schools in the UK have proved themselves not to be trusted and maybe such defective educational environments should be treated with much more caution than they have been previously.

Michael Gove’s Free School programme is one of the best ways to rescue British children from the dumbed down environment of educational mediocrity that has previously been offered by the Leftists in the State education system. However, it is vital that the integrity of the free schools policy is protected and this can be done by the DoE keeping a closer eye on Islamic groups who wish to run free schools with maybe a presumption of refusal for such schools unless they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are not fomenting or teaching hatred against others. If a Christian or Jewish school promoted such hatred they would quite rightly be shut down or otherwise placed under sanction, it is time that Britain’s Islamic schools were forced to follow the same rules as everyone else must follow. There must be no more appeasement of the ‘Special Needs’ culture of Islam and Muslims need to be told that there will be no more let offs for promoting violence and hatred.


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