April British Neville Award Nomination – Redbridge Borough Council snub residents and hand former Workingmans Club over to Islamic group.

On the Left former British Prime Minister and byword for appeasment of dictatorships standing with that well known fan of Islam, Adolf Hitler.

Appeasement of Islam never looks so blatant as when a local authority brushes off community plans for a development site and instead hands over a property to an Islamic group.

Redbridge Council in East London, an authority where no party has overall control and where the cabinet jobs are shared between parties, has according to a case reported by Kafircrusader, handed over a former workingmans club in Hainault to an Islamic group.  Redbridge has done this in the teeth of considerable opposition from locals who had been raising funds to put the building back into general community use.  Because of this decision by the cabinet of Redbridge, that building, which should have been for all the community, has been lost to sectarian and hostile Islamic interests. Also by appeasing and pandering in this way to Islamic groups, Redbridge council have made that part of Hainault just that little bit more oppressive and unpleasant a place to live in if you are a non-Muslim. Redbridge by their decision have told their non-Muslim community that they are second class citizens.

The Ilford Recorder the local newspaper for the Hainault area said:

“The building, a former working men’s club, was given the green light by the regulatory committee on Monday to go-ahead with the plans to erect the fence which will run along New North Road and Harbourer Road.

Cllr Jim O’Shea said: “There were issues regarding the height of the fence in December last year but that has been reduced and the fence will be see-through, making it more in keeping with the area.

“Concerns about blind spots were also expressed, but because of the changes in material it will make it much safer.”

The building was formerly Hainault Working Men’s Club, until it closed in 2008.

In 2011, a 150-strong army of residents clubbed together in a bid to take over the building.

But in January of that year, the council’s cabinet ultimately decided to hand the building to the Hainault and Chigwell Muslim Association.”

Note the words ‘hand the building’ not, sell it or lease it, but handed over. This raises suspicions that the Hainault and Chigwell Muslim Association have been given a special or advantageous deal for the use of the building. There are similarities in this case to other cases where councillors have gone against local objections and pandered to Islamic groups, Councillors Kitterick and Moore in Leicester who approved a former pub being converted into a mosque are a case in point.

Also supine in his attitude to the Islamic group, which with the aid of the Conservative-led cabinet, siezed the building is Conservative councillor Jim O’Shea of Monkhams Ward. Mr O’Shea, rather being concerned that local residents were being pushed aside, seemed primarily concerned with the pointless detail of the fences that the Islamic group wished to erect. There is no indication that he disapproved in principle of gifting this building to the Islamic group. It is this type of spineless conservative-in-name-only, that is driving many people away from voting for the Conservative party. We expect this sort of appeasement of Islam from Labour, but it is saddening to see it from Conservatives such as Cllr O’Shea and the Council Leader Cllr Keith Prince.

This case just goes to show why it is so important to vote for individuals and parties outside of the big three. Appeasement of Islam is not a one party disease, although the Lib Dems and Labour are very deeply afflicted with it, it is something that has crept into all the mainstream parties.

Many people are sick of seeing too many politicians who only listen to Islamic voices, let us change them for politicians that will listen to US, the non Muslim majority instead. That should not mean that we should go mad and elect those such as the BNP who have a terminal Jackboot fetish and a reputation for extreme incompetence, but we do need to be sensible and vote in people who will represent us better than we are being represented at present. We need politicians who will speak honestly, ask the difficult questions about the spread of dangerous and disruptive ideologies and be individuals in whom we can be confident that they will not appease Islam.

Such blatant pandering on the part of a local authority has got Cllrs Prince and O’Shea firmly in the running for the April 2013 ‘British Neville Chamberlain of the Month’ prize.  These councillors have truly shown who’s side they are on, and it is not on the side of Britain’s peacable Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and others who have often been the victims of violent Islamic expansionism.

With appeasing politicians of this type, the people of Redbridge should start to expect more occasions like this when they will be fobbed off, ignored or otherwise treated like dirt, whilst a red carpet is laid out for the followers of a 7th Century paedophile warlord.


Kafircrusader who originally broke this story


Ilford Recorder article about Hainault mosque plans


Details of the composition of the cabinet of Redbridge London Borough council


The Kitterick and Moore appeasement of Islam case from Leicester



5 Comments on "April British Neville Award Nomination – Redbridge Borough Council snub residents and hand former Workingmans Club over to Islamic group."

  1. I live a few hundred yards from this building so I`ll keep you posted as what degree of islamic shithole-ness it brings to the area.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 3, 2013 at 7:53 am |

      Thanks Andy. There definitely smells like there is something ‘bent’ about this building being handed over. Someone on the council may well be doing someone else a favour.

    • I also live within a few hundred yards…. it’s no community centre for all. All i see is lots of people in Islamic dress attending just widening the gap of segregation….. the people (council) who make the decisions dont live here!

      • Fahrenheit211 | September 4, 2013 at 1:41 pm |

        Adam, I agree with you here. The term ‘community centre for all’ is often used to calm the fears of local residents. Also agree that those who impose the vile cult of Islam on an area do not have to live with the consequences, such as grooming gangs, crime, violence, segregation, welfare dependency and treason.

        • On 30th august redbridge council posted an operational enforcement order on their website regarding this ‘community centre’. Residents have complained it is already being used as a place of worship (a mosque) which is excluded on the terms of the lease therfore a potential breach. It’s only been open since the 1st sept! LBR are currently investigating these claims.

          You can view the enforcement/complaint at http://www.redbridge.gov.uk and going to the planning link, enter ig6 3tq as the postcode and select 628 new north road for the address.

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