From Elsewhere: Immigration and Terrorism it’s time to wake up

Islamic fascists – invited here by the political Left but not wanted by real Britons of whatever skin colour

The Commentator blog has an excellent article by Vincent Cooper about the link between immigration and terrorism, specifically Islamic terrorism.

Mr Cooper said in the Commentator:

“It can happen that a politician unintentionally acknowledges an uncomfortable truth, a truth he has spent his political career more or less denying. David Cameron, hosting a conference in London on Somalia, says that failure to deal with the Islamic insurgency in the country will eventually have terrorist repercussions in Britain.

But why should an Islamic insurgency in Somalia have terrorist security issues for Britain?

The answer is obviously Somali immigration. When the mainstream political class lecture the public on the benefits of immigration, they delicately sidestep the issue of terrorism. But the immigration-terrorism link is becoming extremely serious for all of us in the West.

The Royal United Security Institute says there are about fifty British nationals currently engaged in terrorist training in Somalia. Meanwhile, Andrew Mitchell MP says there are more British passport holders engaged in terrorist training in Somalia than in any other country in the world.”

Mr Cooper added:

“The reluctance of Western mainstream politicians to openly admit to the public that immigration is a major security concern is part of the wider liberal commitment to never-ending immigration. To admit a connection between immigration and jihadism would explode the “immigration is good” myth that the liberal political class have been peddling to an increasingly outraged public for years.”

Read the rest of this stunning article at: The Commentator

Well said Mr Cooper.  Those of us of a more cynical nature have known for a while that if you import those who are liable to suffer from Sudden Jihad Syndrome then you will get the terroristic effects of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

Lets get honest and stop all this ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ bollocks and start dealing with the problems that generations of Liberal Left Lunatics have caused us.  We need to be truthful and admit that the sort of mass third world immigration favoured by the Liberal Left has not enriched us but has only brought problems.


The Commentator article on immigration