Boston Bombers mosque – Not quite so liberal after all, what a surprise (not)

death and the apocathary

The Daily Caller website has an article by its investigative reporter Patrick Howley on the attitudes present in the mosque attended by the Boston Bombers.

It appears that, despite all the attempts by the left wing idiot-arati to paint the mosque attended by the Tsarnaev brothers as a liberal and well integrated religious community and institution, a liberal attitude to Islam was not being preached by the Islamic Society of Boston.

Islamic teachings put up on the Islamic Society of Boston’s website in 2004 show exhortations to terrorise family members, especially women, by the sight of a whip hanging up in plain view. The website also approves of physical violence from men towards women.

The Daily Caller said:

The Islamic Society of Boston, the mosque attended by Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev, posted an article on its website in September 2004 that advocated for the beating of women as a last resort to force them to behave.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based mosque posted an English translation of Saudi cleric Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajid’s 1997 work, “The Muslim Home: 40 Recommendations in Light of the Quran and Sunnah,” which the mosque headlined, “40 Recommendations for the Muslim Home.”

Hinting at punishment is an effective means of discipline, so the reason for hanging up a whip or stick in the house was explained in another report, where the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘Hang up the whip where the members of the household can see it, for this is more effective in disciplining them,’” the article states.”

Also present on the Islamic Society of Boston’s website were judgements stating that it was hacking into websites owned or run by Jewish people was acceptable under Shariah Law.

So in the Boston Islamic Society we have approvals for Jew hatred and also wife beating, surely that is stretching the definition of a ‘liberal’ religious organisation a bit far?

When will people, and especially those in Government, wake up and realise that just because a Muslim organisation says that they are ‘liberal’, that doesn’t mean that they are telling the truth. Islamic groups often remind me of the famous Thomas Rowlandson cartoon of the quack apothecary (reproduced above), where customers are faced with a smiling, plausible sales person, whilst the character of Death mixes poison almost unseen by the customers behind a curtain.

Accepting the word of Islamic groups that they are peaceful or non-jihadi is the equivalent of accepting poison from a quack doctor.


Original Daily Caller story about the liberal mosque that wasn’t liberal at all.

Hat Tip –  The Religion of Peace website