Good News! Scumbag resigns from Labour Party

Good bye and good riddance

It appears that ‘Lord’ Ahmed the killer peer and antisemitic conspiracy theorist has resigned from the Labour Party.

This is good news for politics but it is a damning indictment on the Labour Party that they didn’t kick his sorry arse out of the party when he killed a person whilst driving and using his mobile phone.

According to his resignation letter, published on the Guido Fawkes site he still says that he ‘cannot recall’ being interviewed by a Pakistani media outlet and saying that he believed that it was a conspiracy of Jews that was responsible for him being jailed or killing someone whilst he was driving.

‘Lord’ Ahmed’s resignation letter in which he still trys to wriggle out of responsibility for his comments to Pakistani media said:

Dear Mr Wilson (National Constitution Committee of the Labour Party Secretary)

I have been considering my position over the weekend and have concluded that I should resign from the membership of the party forthwith and so I do. However, I wish to set out briefly reasons for my decision to resign which I have taken with heavy heart:

I am being held to account following a publication in the Times of an interview alleged to have been given by me some two years ago to a Pakistani Anchor based in Pakistan. I do not recall when this interview was held where this interview was held and nor the person who carried out this interview. All I know is what has been reported in the Times. I reject the core story that emerges out of the alleged interview. It is noteworthy that the only evidence before the National Constitution Committee against me is the Times’ reporting and the translation of the purported transcript of the film. With regard to the offending film I submit NEC of the Labour Party has expressly admitted and I quote “it did not have the firm or video of the interview, reported by the Times and other media”. ”

Goodbye Lord Ahmed and good riddance.

Read the whole resignation letter at Guido‘s


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  1. The bad news is that it does not require a bye-election.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 13, 2013 at 8:03 pm |

      Yes it is. The more cynical part of me believes that although Ahmed has resigned that may not mean that he has severed his involvement with the Labour Party. If he is as useful to the Labour party as he seems to be, judging by the number of times he’s put feet wrong but been forgiven, then he may be still being a pain in the backside just a pain without a Labour party membership card. Although he is out of the party he may still end up doing ‘work’ for them. Lord Ahmed is a prime example of how you can gild a turd you cannot polish it.

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