The Swiss seem to be getting the idea – Integration before religious sensibilities

Switzerland. Land of numbered bank accounts, spectacular mountains, quality watches and whining bearded savages.


Despite putting on a fantastic display of offended victim-hood a Shia Muslim girl resident in Switzerland was told that she would not be allowed to skip swimming lessons that are overseen by a male teacher.

The English language Swiss news service, The Local, tells of a tale of whining, lawfare and an ultimate victory for the host society against Islamic separatism.

The Local said:

Integration comes before religion, according to the country’s supreme court. It ruled that a 14-year-old Muslim girl could not be excused from swimming lessons because the teacher was male.

In a judgement on Friday, the Lausanne-based Federal Court said puberty also constituted no grounds for dispensation: the girl could cover up under an Islam-conforming burkini.

The 14-year-old girl from a strict Muslim family attends a district school in the canton of Aargau, the Swiss news agency SDA reported.

In 2011 her parents sought permission for their daughter to be excused from swimming lessons that took place every five weeks under the supervision of a male teacher. Girls and boys were taught separately.

The authorities rejected this request and have now been vindicated by the ruling of the Supreme Court.

In their appeal, the family had argued that as Shiites they followed a particularly strict form of Islam.

They said this did not allow their pubescent daughter to swim under the gaze of a male teacher – even if she was wearing a body-concealing swimsuit.

The family had also argued that the girl could already swim and attended a private swim course for Muslim girls.”

I can’t see what the problem is here? Her family whined, they had more than their day in court and the court found against them and the Islamowhiners have been told to go forth and multiply. Would that we could see British courts acting in this way, and telling the Bearded Savages that they are not going to recreate a simulacrum in the United Kingdom of the basket case countries from which they originate.

This looks like a sensible decision and one that we should all applaud and hope is emulated elsewhere.


‘The Local’ original story of the Muslim swimming lesson case.