A Turning Point?

Picture from Granada. Graffiti attack on a mosque in Bolton

The reports filtering through both the mainstream media and from personal contacts appear to show that the murder of Drummer Rigby could be a turning point in not only attitudes to Islam but also in how willing people are to speak up and speak out. Unfortunately not everyone is speaking about the issues peacefully. There are reports of attacks on mosques, insults and attacks on Muslims in the street, and attacks on Muslim run restaurants and fast food establishments, many of which are coming to light as people are charged.

The police also appear to be starting to panic and are trying to head off public disorder by arresting those who may or may not be inciting violence and who post their views online and on various social networks. These ‘intimidation arrests’ by the police are probably intended to try to prevent the spread of criticism of Islam and to prevent individuals who may be antagonistic to Islam from linking up as well as to prevent public disorder.  Such a phenomenon of generalised coherent counter-jihadist activity and speech would be the a disaster for both the Police and the multikulti supporting politicians who have spent the last decade or more promoting political correctness and multiculturalism, and suppressing criticism of such ideologies, even when the criticism was valid and non-racist.

As regular readers may well know, I don’t approve of violence against individuals or property as it is often counterproductive as well as being wrong and illegal. The murder in Woolwich by, and lets call them by their proper name, Muslims, has shocked people so much that the often justified but suppressed antagonism many feel towards Islam is now being expressed. In the past fear of being called ‘racist’ has held people back from commenting on the sort of problems that organised Islam has brought to the UK and this fear of accusation has muted criticism of Islam. However, the brutal killing of a serving solider on the streets of the Capital, coming as it does in the wake of revelations of the existence of a substantial number of Islamic Grooming Gangs, has angered people and this anger is now coming out, but not always in appropriate ways. It could be said that this murder has been the final straw for many people.

The stresses that British society has been put under by the effects of the doctrines of multiculturalism, and excessive and inappropriate immigration are phenomenal, with pressure on schools, services, welfare systems, jobs and transport. Couple this with the fact that too many immigrants to the UK do not respect the country and culture or abide by its laws, and in the case of some of our Islamic ghettos, are actively hostile to the UK and its culture, then you have a formula for violence and disaster.

I do hope that Enoch Powell’s prediction of Rivers of Blood do NOT come true, but if it does then the fault will lie ultimately with those politicians who have attempted to turn a relatively homogenous island nation into a Balkanised ‘pressure cooker’. The enemy is not the brainwashed, oppressed Muslim woman in a hijab, but the idiot politicians, who believed that advanced and backward cultures were equal who have caused this problem. It is this enemy that needs to be removed from their comfy sinecures where they have lorded over us and lied to us for far to long.

Don’t riot, vote! Voting out the politicos who have both caused the problems and denied the existence of cultural compatibility issues regarding Islam, would be a better long term solution to our problems than mobs with flaming torches gathering outside Mosques. Intelligent Islamo-scepticism from both the Government and people is what is needed, not violence.  It would be better for counterjihadists to chuck the useless and sometimes treasonous politicos out of a job, than to spend the next few years counting the bricks in the wall of a cell.


Daily Telegraph article on reprisals for attack in Woolwich


For your information here is the Telegraph’s reprinting of Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech


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  1. I want to know which Mosque in Bolton that graffiti say islam=evil is on so i can go and check it out. Theres something dodgy about that picture. Look at the height of the word evil and how the writing even climbs up. You would need to be on stepladders to spray that high up. Surely the writing would be sloping down as the person spraying moves down the steps onto the floor.Say the door is about 7ft the end of evil is 1 course below the top of door making it 6ft 8″ish high. Yet the floor level has dropped maybe 2ft ish to the floor level.Find the 8ft plus patriot in Bolton and he’s your man

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