Breaking News: More knife-wielding savages on the loose, this time it’s Paris. French soldier seriously injured.

The scene where the French soldier was slashed.


A uniformed French soldier on anti-terrorist duties in Paris had his throat cut by a knife-wielding man tonight. 

The savage attack follows the murder of a British soldier by two men using weapons including knives and a meat cleaver. One of the suspects said they were acting in the name of Islam. 

Today there were fears that the Paris attack was a copy-cat crime and that a radical Muslim might once more be responsible.

FEARS!  It is highly unlikely that the attacker was a Baptist minister.

‘Police in the French capital described the attacker as a being ‘bearded, of North African origin and wearing a light coloured jihab’ under a jacket.

He pounced on the soldier outside a Virgin store in La Defence, the business district of the city which was packed with Saturday afternoon shoppers.

The attack on a soldier in Paris was being treated as a ‘terrorist incident’, said a source at the Paris prosecutors office. 

‘The anti-terrorist branch of the prosecutors office is dealing with the matter,’ the source added. 

The 25-year-old soldier was knifed as a he patrolled around the suburban railway station for RER A service which links the French capital with the suburbs.

Pierre-Andre Peyvel, prefect of the Hauts-de-Seine district, said the soldier’s wounds were ‘serious enough’.’

The soldier is being treated in Percy hospital in Paris.


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    • Fahrenheit211 | May 25, 2013 at 8:28 pm |

      Thanks for that. I like the answering Muslims site, it is more scholarly than some and presented in an engaging way. An excellent summing up of Johnson and Cameron’s complete lack of understanding of the problem. Boris’s statement with its so obvious whitewash is really going to lose him votes if he stands again for Mayor.

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