Tell Mama, starting to feel the heat

This organisation needs a new slogan, how about ‘Lying about anti Muslim attacks’?

Since the organisation Tell Mama was unmasked as being a bit dodgy, and shown to be careless regarding the actualite, I’ve been following their twitter feed on the front page of their website.

Now it seems that their twitter feed has disappeared from the groups website front page.

I wondered why and went direct to the @tellmamauk twitter feed and found lots of people taking the mick out of the organisation by expressing doubt as to the truthfullness of TellMama’s claims.  It looks as if TellMamaPorkies have decided that they’ve had enough of being embarassed on their front page and have removed their twitter feed from it.

Check it out, the other day there was a twitter feed and now there is not.  I suppose to be charitable it could be down to IT problems but on the other hand, maybe not.


Tell Mama Porkies main website