Ignoring the elephant in the room. The position of Islamic theology in the Islamic Grooming Gang phenomenon.

The excellent and learned Christian anti-jihad commentator, David Woods of Answering Muslims, has put together another video with notes on the problems associated with the ideology of Islam, this time on the factors, both religious and cultural, surrounding Islamic Grooming Gangs.

He points out some of the Islamic scriptural sources which drive too many Muslim men see vulnerable non-Muslim teenage girls as property, and not as human beings. One problematical part of the Islamic psyche is that Islam ascribes a complete lack of value, less than livestock in fact, to non Muslim women. These beasts have no empathy towards women from what they consider ‘the other’ tribe because that is what the prophet Mohammed told them to do.

Mr Woods speaks of Mohammed’s description of Muslim men being the ‘best of peoples’, one that is above all others. Islamic scripture also tells Muslims to continue to wage offensive jihadist wars against non-Muslims and sets out the fates, both in the temporal world and in the Islamic hereafter, for both Muslim and non-Muslim. In the Islamic hereafter, which is the world created after Allah’s day of judgement, a sensual paradise awaits Muslim men, who will be sexually serviced not only by the well known ’72 virgins’, but also by those wives and daughters of all the non-Muslim men, the men will by then have been confined to hell.

Sex slavery is hard wired into Islam, and is one driver of these appalling gang abuse crimes. Such behaviour is approved of by Islam not only in the temporal world but also in the future, in the world of Islamic eschatology.

Is it any wonder that the one linking factor between all the current crop of offenders who have been brought to justice is the name, Mohammed and their cultural background in Islam?

Hear Mr Woods’ words and see the Islamic scriptural sources via the link below