The problem is not the suspicious object found outside the mosque but the suspicious group that runs it.

Aisha Mosque in Walsall

A report on Sky News this morning said that a suspicious object had been found in the grounds of a mosque in Wallsall, West Midlands and that bomb disposal had been called.

People have been evacuated from 39 homes nearby and although this sounds serious, this is a normal precaution when dealing with a suspicious package or object. If it was an improvised explosive device then leaving people nearby in their homes would put them at risk of cuts from flying glass etc. The object itself was found by a member of the public, presumably someone who worships at the Aisha Mosque, and brought inside the building.

At the time of going to pixel there have been no updates in the MSM on the nature of the ‘suspicious object’ but much more suspicious is the organisation that runs the Aisha Mosque, the UK Islamic Mission.

The UKIM puts itself about as a moderate Islamic community organisation, but in reality it is a group that has a close relationship with the South Asian Islamic clerical fascist group Jamaat e Islaami. The blog ‘The Islamic Far Right in Britain’, has complied a report on UKIM and found that although there are no official ties between UKIM and Jamaat e Islaami, hate speakers from JI have been invited to various UKIM events and conferences. Currently UKIM is estimated to control, influence or fund approximately 40 mosques in the UK with varying levels of acceptance of the extreme theocratic views of JI. The Islamic Far Right in Britain blog also showed that not only were UKIM lying to non-Muslims about their political connections and support for theocratic views but were also deceiving Muslims attending their mosques, some of whom were unaware of the sort of extremist headcases who were being promoted by UKIM.

The UKIM is very active in the West Midlands and UKIM also has an Islamic centre in Sparkbrook, an area that is rapidly becoming ‘jihadi central’. This centre was opened by a former Emir (religious leader) of Jamaat e Islaami of Pakistan, Qazi Hussain Ahmed. This raises the question, if UKIM are the great moderates that they promote themselves as, why are they inviting an extremist to open a masjid?

UKIM is also involved in controversial mosque building schemes such as the one in Leeds, where the mosque, on the site of a former pub, has been imposed on the majority non-Muslim population by UKIM, with the active collusion and support of the local authority, who have ignored the wishes of the locals in Moortown.

The UKIM are definitely what could be called an ‘organisation of concern’ and are one of those Islamic organisations, like so many others, that are speaking with forked tongues. This is why the major problem isn’t the suspicious object found outside the mosque but the nasty, anti-democratic Islamic politics to be found within the group that runs this mosque and so many others.


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