How many more sexual atrocities against our daughters will we put up with before we say ‘enough’?


The floodgates are opening. Despite over a decade or more of censorship,police inaction and the suppression of those who spoke up about Islamic Grooming Gangs, the sheer scale of the problem of ‘on street’ grooming, too often done by Muslim men, is becoming apparent.

The number of girls who have become victims of rape and torture by grooming gangs, made up it seems of mostly Muslim men could be approaching 10 thousand. Not all of these girls are from the white working class, other non-Muslim girls such as young women from Sikh and Hindu backgrounds have also been victimised.

The figure of 10,000 is one that will be difficult for many people to grasp, but here is what 10,000 people look like when they are put in real world places. Imagine Leyton Orient’s Brisbane Road football ground filled. Imagine the Excel exhibtion centre or the Alexandra Palace in London filled to capacity or the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham almost completely full. When you imagine these venues filled or nearly filled with the victims of Islamic Grooming Gangs then you start to have some idea just how bad the problem has become. It also gives some idea of how much the police and the so-called caring professions have betrayed, for ideological or other reasons, all of us.

It is not good enough for those in the law enforcement and social work professions to say that they ‘didn’t know’ what was going on, because there is ample evidence out there that incidents of Islamic grooming were being reported to the police and social services in the past, but nothing was done to help the girls who were being tortured and abused. Complaints about Islamic grooming were swept under the carpet to protect the careers of social work managers and senior police officers from damaging accusations of ‘racism’ and also to protect the ideology of multiculturalism from justifiable criticism.

Our journalists shouldn’t be let off the hook either. They could and should have spoken up about Islamic Grooming. That they did not could mean that either they didn’t think the story worthwhile, which is unlikely, or more likely they percieved the career damage that would occur if they failed to parrot the ‘diversity is good and Islam is a religion of peace’ lines that they had been told to say.

The appalling way that both the victims of Islamic grooming gangs and families have been treated by the state is a scandalous injustice. This appalling injustice needs to be corrected and those police officers, social workers,local government managers, journalists and children’s charities who turned a blind eye to Islamic Grooming Gangs for political reasons should never work in such positions of responsibility again.

The penetration of politically correct ideas has sadly hampered those entities who should be looking out for abused children and has rendered them dishonest and frightened to name the problem or suggest effective ways of dealing with it. An example of this fear of speaking the truth about the nature of the problem is shown by the words of Wendy Shepherd, Barnardo’s on-street grooming expert. She said: “As with any community where child sexual exploitation is occurring,” she says, “you need to engage the community and its leaders to combat the problem”. Well Ms Shepherd we’ve tried that and all we have got is a very very belated anti grooming statement, by an Islamic religious leader that was to have been read out in Bradford mosques. We have certainly not seen Muslim communties in the UK being outraged by these offences or doing anything like enough to stop them.


One source of 10k estimated number of women and children sexually exploited, presumably Islamic Grooming Gangs make up a significant proportion of these exploiters as the charity producing this figure went all silent when asked about issues of religion, race and nationality

Kafircrusader’s map of recent Islamic Grooming Gangs and other Muslim sex offenders.

Office of the Children’s Commissioner estimates that 10,000 children are being sexually exploited.


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  1. The Guardian manages not to mention once the common ideological denominator between the convicted men…

    Had they all been members of the EDL, the Liberal Democrats or even the same chess club do you think that wouldn’t have been mentioned?

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 27, 2013 at 7:31 pm |

      Well that’s the Guardian for you. They’ve never met a bearded savage terrorist, rapist, thief or traitor that they didn’t like.

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