The Conservative Party shows that they are not on your side, nor your nation’s side.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has made a decision today that will lose their party votes and more seriously shows how much they hold Britain and its people in contempt. That decision was to ban from entry into the UK two high profile anti-Islam activists, even though they have never called for violence against Muslims, nor for attacks on their property.

Despite fine words in the past about tackling Islamic extremism, from both Theresa May’s Home Office and Cameron’s government as a whole, virtually nothing has been done to stop either the home-grown Islamic hate preachers or those from overseas. In fact hate preachers are still coming in.

It seems that Cameron and May favour Islamic peddlers of hate, who encourage their co-religionists to despise the UK, oppress Christians and call for the death of Jews. They believe them much more acceptable than those who peacefully challenge the violent ideology of Islam.

There is no way that any reasonable person could say that Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were ‘not conducive to the public good’ but that Islamic hate preachers are OK to enter the UK. Cameron is also presiding over a government where angry but mild criticism of Islam is virtually forbidden, but a high profile hatemonger like Anjem Choudhury is allowed to walk free.

I find that this is a disgusting decision and one that will disgust many others I’m sure. It is also a decision that has the capacity to stoke up tensions, not reduce them. This decision and the hypocrisy over banning counterjihadists but allowing jihadists in, will anger many and make conflict much more likely. A situation where you have people angry about the ideology of Islam, plus a clumsy clampdown on those who wish to speak of these problems is a recipe for creating more anger, with the subsequent risk of violence. It is also a very counterproductive decision, because this ban, and the news coverage and discussion of it, will mean many more people will become familiar with the work of Ms Geller and Mr Spencer.

This appalling decision by the Home Secretary both deserves and demands effective but peaceful protest and subsequent punishment at the ballot box.



Non violent counterjihadists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer denied entry to the UK by David Cameron’s Islam appeasing government. Cameron has caved in to jihad. Cameron is not fit to govern.


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