Quote of the day – Asking the awkward questions.

There is a great quote from a commentator on one of the signatories calling for the admission of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer into the UK.  This quote by Ian Pepper, in response to a comment is pretty impressive.

“Robert Spencer is not a “hate preacher” by any conceivable definition of the term.

He is raising legitimate questions about Islam as an political ideology, as a cultural force, and about the impact that growing Muslim populations have on the West.

It is legitimate – even if not particularly PC – to raise questions about the impact of Muslim immigration on the West.

These are the questions that our leaders – Obama, camera, Hollande, Merkel, – would be raising every day of the week if they were not spineless cowards.

We must raise these questions, publicly, every day, until we get answers.

We must refuse to be intimidated with charges of racism, Islamphobia blah blah blah blah blah.

It is Islamic society that should be on the defensive, for it is in fact racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, violent, and antidemocratic.

Some of these questions include:

Are Muslims in the West committed to racial equality?

I don’t think so: racism and slavery are universally acknowledged as legitimate in the Muslim world and by the Koran. Muslims bring their slaves with him to Europe.

Are Muslims in the West committed to the equal rights of adherents to all religions, including atheists?

I don’t think so: in the Muslim world, non-Muslims are persecuted, and Muslims even slaughter each other by the millions to (i.e. Shiite versus Sunni).

Are Muslims in the West committed to equal rights for women and for homosexuals?

Apparently not: In the Muslim world, women are chattel, and gays are simply executed.

Are Muslims in the West committed to democratic values and freedom of speech?
Apparently not: In the countries they control, democracy and free speech are completely unimaginable.

Are Muslims in the West striving to assimilate and be absorbed into Western society, or are they attempting to set up bulwarks of the global Islamic caliphate in the West?

Just visit any major European city and open your eyes: there are thousands of Muslim enclaves where Sharia is enforced and Western values banned.

To all appearances, large sections of European Muslim are not striving to integrate, they are conquering territory piece by piece for Islam.

Are the fundamental values of Islam compatible with the fundamental values of Western civilization?

Considering that Islam stands for slavery for “racial inferiors,” especially black Africans, women being treated worse than animals, homosexuals being executed, the Jews being exterminated, Christians being subjugated, and democracy reviled, I guess not!!

Now the burden is on the Muslim community in Europe to explain why their presence here is positive, what they hope to contribute, and how they plan to reconcile the fundamental contradictions between Islamic values and Western values.

Your elected leaders may be scared shitless, but you don’t have to be.
Stand up, start demanding answers!!!”

Mr Pepper is correct, we need to start demanding answers, both of the Muslim community and our craven and appeasing governments.  His comments were in response to this comment;

I find it contrary to common sense and the rule of law and good governance to permit to enter into the UK those Muslims who preach sedition, inspire treason, incite terrorist acts and stir up religious hatred and to ban those who seek to warn us of these dangers. I urge you to admit Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and to listen to what they say. They are not hatemongers, they do not call for violence. It is not a phobia to be afraid of people who maim, murder, rape and beat women and forcibly convert people to Islam. It is a sensible reaction to these threats to our liberties and way of life and you would do well to hear what Geller and Spencer say. Only then do we stand a chance of retaining this as a Christian country open to all faiths.

Well said!  If you are dissatisifed with the gross infringment on freedom of speech that has been made by banning Ms Geller and Mr Spencer from the UK then do as I and thousands of others have done, which is to sign the petition calling for Ms Geller and Mr Spencer to be admitted to the United Kingdom.