Now that’s why Pakistan is a S**thole – Volume 12



Just when you think that the inhabitants of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan cannot become more bestial along comes something that proves you wrong.

Life for women and children in Pakistan is pretty appalling, with rapes, acid attacks and generalised oppression but now it seems that they are not even safe from attack and defilement even after death.

The Pakistan Tribune reports that the body of a young girl was dug up and sexually interfered with.

The Tribune says:

A girl’s body was found lying outside the grave early Wednesday morning in Qila Didar Singh, Gujranwala, and was reportedly assaulted sexually. Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif took notice of the incident, ordering an immediate investigation, Express News reported.

Fifteen-year-old Zainab, daughter of Muhammad Munir, died of electrocution a day before and was buried by the family Tuesday night.

Local residents found her body lying outside the grave early Wednesday morning and informed the family and the police.

The police suspected that the body was taken out from the grave with the intention of rape. Officials said desecration of the body would be confirmed once the investigation was completed, and any criminals involved would be punished accordingly.”

Words, for once, have nearly failed me. Although necrophilia, like other paraphillias, can occur in any culture, this sort of case where the body was exhumed and assaulted by the graveside in this blatant and semi-public way is most likely to happen in societies like Pakistan where Islam rules. Pakistan like other Islamic nations doesn’t value women and female children and this is the end result of treating them as valueless, both in life and in death.

This is an utterly disgusting case and makes one wonder if there could be similar beasts lurking among those millions that the political Left has imported to Britain from Pakistan. It has been proved that there are lot of rapists and torturers amongst the Pakistani community, have we imported their necrophiliacs as well?

Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, didn’t create a nation, he created a sordid basket case, a weeping, pus filled sore on the face of humanity.

Pakistan is so sick, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the corpse wasn’t been charged with post mortem adultery by the Islamic religious establishment.



Original Pakistan Tribune story


Hat Tip for story, Charlie Adams via Twitter @AdamovichC