Looks like another gang of Muslim thugs walking the streets. This time it’s Slough.

Violent Muslim thugs. Slough Police’s new best friends forever.

This story has all the hallmarks of similar stories about Shariah Patrols.  The local mosque speaking about the ‘Muslim patrol’ but denying that they are encouraging it, the local police trying to hush the problem up, and lots of plausible deniability going on amongst the local Muslim community and Islamic groups.  Looks like we have got another bunch of Islamic thugs stalking our streets.

Can you imagine what would happen if any group other than Muslims had set up a vigilante group?  The police would most certainly not be working overtime to cover the issue up, they’d be rounding up those involved and prosecuting them.  This is a classic example of how our police are committing treason to the concept of equal treatment before the law.

Ambush Predator has the full story and source for this latest disgusting manifestation of state excused Islamic thuggery that is happening in North Slough, in Berkshire.

If the police, whom we as taxpayers fund, appear to be refusing to protect us, but instead protect Muslims from investigaton and prosecution like this, who will protect us?  Ourselves?  It certainly looks that way, sad to say.  By acting in biased ways in favour of Islam, not just in this case but also by their long inaction in the face of Islamic Grooming Gangs, the police are encouraging people to distrust them.  This is not the most healthy way for the police force to behave and is counterproductive, because if the police are not enforcing the law against these Islamic vigilantes then other vigilantes will more than likely rise to counter them.   This is not an outcome that we should wish for, but is one that will come about unless such pandering stops.

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