Bearded Savages of the Day – Number 72. Thai violence edition.


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Many politicians, leftist groups, and members of our police forces who have taken the Islamic shilling are very fond of saying the phrase: ‘Islam is peaceful, the problem lies with the tiny minority of extremists’ Sadly such statements are complete and utter lies. Wherever you look in the world, you see terror and oppression with an Islamic flavour. We can see with our own eyes that there is very little peace in Islam.

The latest installment of Bearded Savagery comes from Thailand where Bearded Savages have been commiting acts of violence against Buddhists. The Savages want succession for an area of Thailand that has been inflitrated by Islam and are using violence to achieve their ends.

The latest attack by Bearded Savages on Buddhists, who have in no way invited this sort of violence from Muslims, saw a random Buddhist family attacked and killed in front of their four year old child.

The Bankok Post said:


“A four-year-old boy was left crying beside his parents’ bodies on a road after they were murdered by a motorcycle gunman in Tak Bai district of Narathiwat on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

They slain couple were identified as Chuay Dermmuak, 52, and his wife, Prapa Sanguanphan, 43, residents of Narathiwat’s Sungai Kolok district. Both were Buddhists.

Pol Col Prayong Khotesakha, chief of Tak Bai police station, said the shooting occurred on the Tak Bai-Sungai Kolok road at Ban Khok Buema in tambon Kosit.

According to witnesses, Chuay, his wife and  their four-year-old son were travelling along the road on a motorcycle when two men on another motorcycle called on them to pull over, pretending to ask for directions to some place.

The man riding pillion then produced a pistol and fired four shots at them at close range.

The couple died on the spot .The gunman got of the bike, collected the spent cartridges and fled on the victims’ motorcycle,  leaving the young boy sitting, crying near his parents’ bodies.

Police blamed separatist militants.”

These sort of attacks are becoming far to common in countries where there not only is a lot of Buddhists, such as Thailand and Myanmar, but also where there are Islamic infiltrators and squatters. Myanmar has had an explosion in murders, rapes, thefts from and damage to Buddhist temples, jihadist violence and economic gouging of rural communities. All the problems in Myanmar have been laid at the door of Bengali Muslim squatters whom Bangladesh will not take, but who the people of Myanmar do not want either, and for good reasons. Thailand is seeing a growing amount of violence, much of it like it is in this case, designed to instil terror and fear.

Cases like this show that wherever Islam sets up shop, there is violence aimed at the non-Muslim. That doesn’t mean every person born a Muslim or an ex-Muslim is liable to explode but it does show that the ideology of Islam itself, is warped. The supremecism, racism, arrogance, untrustworthyness and violence shown where ever Islam settles or invades, is not a aberation of Islam, it is its primary defining character.

Do not believe that what is happening in Thailand and Myanmar cannot happen where you are. It could happen and sadly judging by how Islam behaves worldwide, is quite likely to happen. Did anyone think that a London borough that was once an integrated home for Christians, Jews, Gays, Hindus and Chinese, would be turned, with the connivance of the Metropolitan Police, into a threatening ‘Shariah Zone’ where all that is non-Muslim is not welcomed? I certainly didn’t expect that, and it is a scandal of monstrous proportions that nothing has been done by Govt to break this problem.

The evil actions that Islam does ,is not confined to ‘far away countries of which we know little’, such as Myanmar or Thaliand, but is now sullying our own doorsteps. Whether a person collaborates with this invader or fights against it is the defining moral decision of our age. This moral decision is as great as the decisions to fight for the abolition of slavery or for equality for women or civil rights. It is probably as great as the moral choice made by those in the 1930’s who decided to resist fascism and communism and defend democracy. The question is, what side will you be on?

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