Islam at work. Three truck drivers murdered for not being Muslim

I try not to put up graphic videos of Islamic violence on here as I normally prefer to let the words do the talking.  This is also because I feel that there is a fine line between presenting evidence of horror, which to my mind is acceptable, and gratuitous ‘death porn’ which makes me uneasy, and which I feel is less acceptable.

However, there are some cases that show up so starkly the horror and barbarism of Islam that they demand to be shown.

The video, which can be accessed via the link below, shows three Syrian truck drivers, from the minority Alawite religious community, being questioned by Sunni Islamic gunmen after the drivers were stopped at a road block.

The drivers were then questioned about their religious affiliation before being forced to kneel in the road where they were then shot dead.

They were killed to the accompaniment of the Islamic war cry of ‘Allah hu Akbar’.

These murdering gunmen are what makes up too much of the opposition forces opposed to the dictator Assad, and are the sort of ‘allies’ whom Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office seek to treat with and support, even though such jihadis are a danger to Britain as well as the average Syrian.

My prayers are with those who were murdered for no other reason than they were ‘not Islamic’. My hatred is reserved for those who kill because of Islamic intolerance and the idiots in the West who support such beasts.

How long before the Islamic scum are swaggering round and threatening us in our own nations, our own cities and our own homes?

Do not make the mistake of thinking that Islamic violence is only confined to sand covered hell holes, Islamic violence crops up wherever Islam is allowed to fester unchallenged.

WARNING:  This video contains scenes of graphic Islamic violence