From Elsewhere: The New York Police on this occasion get it right

I don’t blame the New Yorkers for being suspicious of Islam. Do you?

Apparently, the NYPD have been secretly treating Mosques as ‘terror groups’.  Can’t see what the fuss is about myself.  There are probably plenty of mosques who are encouraging terror and hatred of non-Muslims, or where hatred for non-Muslims is not challenged.

The Turkish PM, Reciip Tayyip Erdogan said: “”The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers..”

Of course the security agencies should treat mosques with suspicion. They are too often suspicious places filled with suspicious and sometimes hostile people.  It goes without saying that some Muslims have gone into victimhood overdrive and are whining about being targetted.  Sadly although in most cases these mosques will not be involved directly with terror, that doesn’t mean those who attend such mosques feel the same way.

Maybe if we’d been more pro-active with mosque-watching we might not have had 7/7, the Shoe Bomber or the murder of Lee Rigby?

I’m not normally in favour of blanket surveillance but in this case keeping an eye on the ideology of Islam is justified.

There are huge differences between the ideology of Islam and the beliefs and ideologies of other religions.  Think about it.  When you walk past a Baptist chapel, a parish church, a Jewish synagogue, or a Sikh or Hindu temple, you don’t naturally suspect that there may be people inside filled with hate who are plotting to kill or maim. With a mosque that feeling that threatening things are being cooked up by those who attend, is very strong indeed.  This is because in recent years it is Muslims who have made up the majority of the mass murderers who have afflicted our world.

Basically if you don’t want to be placed under intense scrutiny, don’t follow a murderous, lying, thieving, 7th century paedophile like Mohammed.