Now that Parliament is back, is there any chance of the MP’s legislating about something really useful?

Something like an Anti-Shariah Act?  The Bare Naked Islam site is reporting that the US State of North Carolina has passed a law to prohibit Judges from taking Shariah Law into consideration when passing judgments.

Bare Naked Islam said:

“The state joins Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Tennessee.  The North Carolina ban is limited to family law; bans in other states are broader, applying to commercial law, contract law and other types of laws.

Supporters hailed the bill as an important safeguard that protects the American legal system from foreign laws that are incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, while critics argued that the bill’s only purpose is to whip-up anti Muslim hatred because the Constitution already overrides foreign laws.

“The intent behind this law is bigoted and it is intended to alienate the Muslim community,” said Jibril Hough, a spokesman for the Islamic Center of Charlotte.”

Well someone like Hough, would say that wouldn’t he?  Shariah Law is much more bigoted than measures taken to counter Shariah Law.  Shariah is bigoted against women, gays, free thinkers and members of minority religions.  Of course Shariah should be completely excluded from judgements of courts in the Judeo-Christian and secular nations.  This sort of judgement will not ‘whip up anti-Muslim hatred’ as to be quite frank, the followers of Islam are doing a pretty good job of getting themselves hated and despised.

This is the sort of law that Britain should be having.  But it should be specifically aimed at Shariah, because that is where the problem lies.  There are relatively few problems with the tribunals, beth din and church courts that operate as they always work within the law.  Also highlighting specific problems with such quasi-legal bodies will not get you decapitated, which would be the fate of Muslims who challenged abuses in Shariah Courts.

Parliament is back now, isn’t an anti Shariah Bill something that it is time was seriously discussed by them?  Maybe the MP’s should put down their expense claim forms and consider acting to forbid Shariah Law and the evil it causes.


Bare Naked Islam

Original source of story from ‘Religion News ‘