Oh look! Another Islamic scumbag accused of grooming offences, what a surprise.

Sadly it is not a surprise when Muslims are suspected, arrested or convicted of gruesome grooming and sex crimes against young women.  This one from early August is particularly nasty it seems.

This particular Muslim is accused of trying to groom a girl with learning difficulties via social networking.

The Crime and Justice website said:

“Fahim Uddin, 20, unemployed of Melrose Close, Hollingdean has been charged with seven sexual offences against a 14-year-old girl.

Uddin appeared before Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 8 August and was remanded until his next court hearing on 3 September.

Uddin met his victim, who has learning difficulties, on Facebook on Christmas day 2012. The victim’s family contacted police in January 2013 and Uddin was arrested on 3 January. He was released on bail and interviewed further in June and subsequently charged.”

Another day, another Muslim accused of noncing.  Now that Britain’s police forces seem to be coming out of their decade plus long coma regarding Islamic child sex abuse, we are starting to see more and more accusations like this.

To get a full picture of the horrific levels of Islamic sex crime take a look at this map over at Kafircrusaders place.  Islamic sex crimes show up as a huge stain not just on KCs map but also on Britain as a whole.