To those peacefully marching against Jihad this weekend.

You are in my thoughts and in my prayers. You brave people,from a variety of backgrounds, who for diverse reasons have seen the face, and understand the wicked desires of the enemy. You understand that if radical Islam is not tackled now, then we will leave a wasteland for the future children of Britain.

If Islam is allowed to continue to corrupt our politics and our society as it has so plainly done in Tower Hamlets, then the future of this island will be that of horror. The blood of peaceful Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and those of no religion, will run in the streets of this nation just as it did in India, Arabia, the Levant, Africa, Iberia, South East Asia and elsewhere whenever and wherever Islam tuned up.

It is admirable that there are those who will not blindly be led into submission to an alien and callous ideology. It is also heartening that more and more people are starting to say ‘enough’ Islam. Many people are learning more about this ideology that imprisons its own adherents and slaughters wholesale, those who it considers as ‘other’.

Islam has done more damage to the fabric of society in East London than the Luftwaffe did. It is driving out the genuinely diverse community that grew up around the various London docks. If it can do that to a borough in London, just think what it is doing elsewhere, possibly in your own town or city?

To paraphrase George Orwell, if you want to imagine what it is like to live in an Islam dominated area of Britain, imagine scum like Luftar Rahman or Anjem Chowdry stamping on the heads of generation after generation of British people, forever.

Sigmund Freud after he was given refuge from the Nazis called Britain ‘lovely free and magnanimous’. This sort of gratitude for life, safety and freedom, is not what we have come to expect and experience from the followers of Islam in Britain. We hear only demands, often outrageous, and threats, often credible. Islam has become a fearsome and dangerous far right wing cancer eating away at our society, and the gains and advances Britain has made. It is now time that surgery was carried out before this cancer metastasises into a national nightmare.

March, vote, speak up. Be not intimidated by the insults and the lies that are and will be aimed at you. This is a battle where the truth must win. By way of a history of national struggle and trauma, Britain has fashioned a society where a person will not be killed because they are Catholic, or Jewish or gay. A society where women are not chattels and where books and people are not burned. That society of freedom and magnanimity must be defended against the new age Nazism of Islam.

There is nothing I want more than to see a peaceful Islam co-existing with other religions and other ideologies, the different tribes should ideally water their sheep together with the children of Ishmael. That sadly cannot happen because the children of Ishmael do not want peace, they want domination. That domination must be resisted for all our sakes no matter what deity we follow or the colour of our skin or what gender we are. This enemy is against all of us.



Source of Sigmund Freud quote