At least 2,000 crimes of violence against women in Britain going unpunished, I wonder why?


Can you imagine the outcry if the Plymouth Brethren, or the Methodists, or the Hindus or the Sikhs had committed 2000 separate offences of gross and disabling violence against the person, and had been allowed to get away with it? You would not be able to hear yourself think for the cacophony of politicians loudly wanting to denounce such a terrible oversight.

However, it seems that there are 2,000 cases in London alone of women seeking medical help because of physical and psychological problems caused by Islamic female mutilation, or female genital mutilation as it is also known. Young girls have been presenting at London hospitals with appalling open wounds in place of natural genitalia.

What is surprising and very disturbing is that despite the huge numbers of women and girls who have been affected, and despite FGM being specifically criminalised for 10 years now, there has never been a conviction.

If any other group other than the followers of Islam had committed gender-based violence of such a magnitude, and to such a huge number of women and girls, then there would be, without a doubt, arrests, convictions and imprisonment. What is the point of having a maximum 14 year sentence for FGM if the law is not used.

The Daily Mail said:

More than 2,100 victims of female genital mutilation have been treated in London hospitals since 2010, it emerged today.

Almost 300 women needed surgery to help them recover from the brutal ritual, new figures have revealed.

Among those treated in the capital’s hospitals included 12 children, including one girl who had been left with an ‘open wound’ following the criminal act.

Despite being illegal in the UK, female genital mutilation is on the rise with an estimated 66,000 women dealing with the after-effects and more than 20,000 young girls thought to be at risk.

The procedure is associated with communities in Africa, particularly Mali, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya, as well as some parts of the Middle East.

Many girls living in Britain are taken to these countries for be ‘cut’, and some will be as young as five.

But it is becoming more prevalent in the UK and  experts say today’s figures are ‘truly shocking’ but there are ‘far more victims’ than the data shows.”

Of course FGM is becoming more prevalent, it is because Britain has let in so many uncivilised Bearded Savages that hospitals are seeing more women and girls physically abused like this.

Many will agree with me that Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, excuse that it was difficult to bring cases against practitioners and promoters of FGM smells like bullshit.

The Daily Mail reported the DPP as saying:

it was ‘only a matter of time’ before there is a prosecution for female genital mutilation.

‘I think a prosecution is much closer now than it’s been at any stage since this was made a criminal offence in this country,’ he said.

‘We have devised a strategy, and we have now got the intelligence-led operations that are bringing us very close to a prosecution.

‘I do not think that’s a failure – that is trying to grapple with a difficult problem. If it was easy there would have been a prosecution.’

Mr Starmer, your department has not spent the last ten years trying to ‘grapple with a difficult problem’, your civil servants have spent that time trying to push the issue under the carpet, just as they have done with other problems emanating from Islam, the worlds premier ‘special needs’ religion.

It is not a difficult problem for Mr Starmer’s department to resolve. When these girls and young women present themselves to the hospital with FGM related injuries there must be some record on file of their closest relatives, next of kin etc. In Islamic families who practice FGM it is highly likely that the proponent of FGM will be a relative, in which the case arrest and question ALL the persons relatives who may have been involved in this abuse, investigate the family, get to the bottom of the problem.

The issue we have is not that the law prohibiting FGM is ineffective it is that the NHS, the Police and the DPP have failed to apply the anti-mutilation legislation at all. Yet again thousands of young women have been failed by the desire of the multiculturalists to pander to and excuse some of the worse misogyny in the world. The fact that nobody in any agency up until now has seen fit to raise a hue and cry about this terrible physical abuse shows up the utter moral bankruptcy both of political correctness, and the ideology of multiculturalism itself. Savages who do this to women are not civilised, and we should be free to call such people savages, because that is only description that is in any way appropriate.


Daughters of Eve – anti FGM organisation

Original Daily Mail story

Government site with details of the 2003 Female Genital Mutilation Act

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  1. Any decent Brit responds with shame and anger towards these barbaric mutilations of young girls on our soil. More testament to a cowardly/ineffectual police and CPS.

    • Fahrenheit211 | September 8, 2013 at 9:06 pm |

      I have no words to describe the depths of contempt I feel for the police and CPS on this matter. I was shocked by the utter bullshit spoken by Keir Starmer about how prosecuting these offences is ‘difficult’. Catching a rapist is difficult, catching a computer hacker is difficult. It is not difficult to ascertain that a girl presenting with FGM will have been abused either by a close relative or someone connected to them. It is not as if there isn’t sufficient documentation about this practice and those who do it.

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