Lib Dem MP resigns because there is not enough being done for spongers and immigrants for her liking.


The Liberal Democrat MP, Sarah Teather, has announced that she will be standing down at the 2015 General Election.

It appears that Ms Teather is unhappy that the Coalition government of the UK is at least trying to make the attempt to slow down the growth of welfare and has objected to relatively minor changes to immigration rules.

Sky News said:

The former minister, who became the youngest MP when she secured a stunning by-election victory over Labour in Brent East almost a decade ago, said her relationship with the party was broken.

Explaining her decision to step down in 2015, Ms Teather pointed to the junior coalition partner’s decision to back the Conservatives’ planned cap on welfare.

She told The Observer newspaper: “It was the moment of realising that my own party was just as afraid of public opinion as the Labour Party.

“Something did break for me that was never, ever repaired.”

Ms Teather said she was “utterly desolate” when Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, said some immigrants should be asked to pay a £1,000 returnable “bond” when requesting a visa.”

Ms Teather’s comment about how the Lib Dems have become frightened of public opinion shows up the arrogance of Left-wingers like her. The idea that the public may be right on issues of immigration or welfare doesn’t occur to her. She appears convinced that squeezing the working to pay for those who will not work, or who can’t work because the education system has fitted them for nothing, is a positive thing. Another indication about how out of touch she is with the public mood is how she stated that one of the things she is unhappy about is requiring certain immigrants to post a bond when applying for a visa.

At a time when Britain desperately needs to seal its borders and only allow in those who will be a positive benefit, or who will not take entry level jobs from Britons or who will not foment sedition, here we have a Lib Dem MP who is screaming for the doors to the nation to be propped open. Open door policies are not what the public seems to want, especially those members of the public who have seen their towns and cities diversified so much they have become hellish places in which to live.

Goodbye Sarah Teather and good riddance. Your utterances show just why the Lib Dems are neither liberal, nor democratic in any meaningful sense of the words.


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  1. Public opinion from people’s like Ms Teather’s view point is that we are not intelligent or compassionate enough to have thoughts that are worth considering. It hasn’t occurred to her, that the public consider her opinions in just the same manner.

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