Looks like more than 500 people to me?

500 people? Your either having a laugh or you are a BBC employed liar

Proving that they have finally transmogrified into ‘The Ministry of Truth’, the BBC tried to say that only 500 people attended the EDL march against Shariah on Saturday 7th September.

This video, courtesy of Kafircrusader, shows the BBC statement to be an utter lie.  A complete falsehood.

I’ve been on many a demo, both as organiser, participant or as a photographer, and it looked like considerably more than 500 people were taking part from my perspective.  When the head of the demo had reached the North side of Tower Bridge there were still more to come from the South side. I would give a conservative estimate of the number of people there at about 1,500.  Considerably greater numbers than the BBC has said.

Check out the video via this link and see if you see what I see?


It is more than 500 people.

To be frank it is sad to see the BBC lying like this. Recently I was glued to the screen watching a fabulous 1954 BBC production of George Orwell’s ‘1984’.  I wonder what Orwell would have thought if he saw the BBC mutating into the promoters of untruths and Newspeak that they have become?

I don’t know about Orwell, but I’m livid about such dissembling by our ‘national’ broadcaster.  What is galling that not only do we get fed utter rubbish by the BBC, especially when they are talking about Islam, but we are forced by law to pay for it.