From Elsewhere: Bloody Hell! Nick Clegg says something I agree with, for once.


NB. I wrote this article earlier but wrote it in haste and wasn’t happy with it, so I pulled it and re-wrote and extended it.

Britain’s chief political fence sitter and leader of the Liberal Democrats has said that he backs teachers who want to see Islamic face veils banned in the classroom.

The Daily Telegraph said:

“The Deputy Prime Minister said that he can “totally understand” why people say that children should not to be allowed to wear full-face veils during lessons.

Mr Clegg said that teachers “want to be able to make contact” with their pupils.

His comments came after he said that he was “uneasy” about Birmingham Metropolitan College’s decision to ban Muslim students from wearing the niqab, a veil that leaves a slot only for the eyes.

The college has ordered all students, staff and visitors to remove any face coverings so individuals are “easily identifiable at all times”.

The move led to claims that Muslim students were being discriminated against.”

Read the rest at the Telegraph, whether you actually believe that Nick Clegg is telling the truth is really up to you.  Normally if a Lib Dem tells you it is raining outside then it’s probably a good idea to check for yourself.

As can be observed  later in the article Clegg equivocates and refuses to condemn Islamic face veils per se, which if he had done so, would have endeared him to much more of the electorate than supports him at the moment.  Clegg is correct when he says that he can understand why people are concerned about face veils and other in your face Islamic garb.  People are concerned, because such garments are as much of a ‘F**k you’ statement to the idea of the liberal democratic state, as are a Blackshirt uniform or a hammer and sickle flag.

Although many of those opposed to Islam and Shariah Law will welcome Clegg’s support for a policy of no veils in the classroom, it is a shame he didn’t go further and call for all Islamic veils to be banned.  Islamic veils do not serve the same modesty related purposes such as a married Orthodox Jewish woman’s wig and hat and nor does it signify membership of a peaceful religious order as would a Nun’s habit indicate.  Islamic garb and especially Islamic apparel which covers the face, such as the niqab and burqua, is a symbol of division and a symbol of non integration.  It is a badge of extreme separatism and arrogance.  For so many reasons it really  does need to be banned in ALL public places, not just the classroom.

There are not, as Clegg says ‘exceptional circumstances’ where Islamic veiling shouldn’t be allowed, it should be forbidden, full stop.  The whiners of Islamic groups such as Tell Mama are often saying that Muslim women in Islamic clothes are verbally abused, my answer to them would be ‘well what do you expect?’  If you visibly align yourself via your dress with orthodox Islam, which is no friend of Britain, then don’t be surprised if you get hassle.  You should know by now that Islam is welcomed by many as a pork chop at a barmitzvah would be.

I concur with Clegg about there being a feeling of uneasiness about banning articles of clothing, but the wearing of quasi-military uniforms is banned under the 1936 Public Order Act, and very few people get upset about that? Can we not, instead of separate legislation to ban Islamic face veiling, treat face occluding Islamic clothes as some form of paramilitary uniform and ban them that way?

The followers of Islam have too often declared war on us, attacked us and abused our hospitality, because of these reasons at least, we should treat certain Islamic clothing as the uniform of a hostile, damaging and unfriendly ideology.