Quote of the Day

I don’t always do a quote of the day thingy but this one is a good one.  It is from a commentator at Harry’s Place, one of the more sensible Leftist sites.  It is in reply to a commentator called ‘Aloevera’.

“…..people wearing niqab should understand just how offensive wearing the black cloak of death really is to us. That means ignoring them unless there is good reason to think that they don’t want to wear it.

The problem is that Islam is like an aggressive bully – demands respect (read: fear-driven obedience) but offers none in return.”


Spot on Paul.  That is exactly the problem.  Islam is the bully in the metaphorical playground.  As many of us found whilst at school, the only way to deal with a bully is to fight back.  To continue the school analogy; giving the bully your dinner money doesn’t make the bully go away, it just makes the bully come back for more tomorrow.

We must stop being bullied by the savages, because if we continue to give in, their demands will never stop.

Despite what Muslim apologists may say, Islam does not have an equivalent to the Hebrew Jewish doctrine of ‘Dina d’malchuta dina’ which means: ‘The Law of the Land is The Law’

It is time to remove those laws that bring benefit and succor to those who wish to destroy us, such as the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act (there is and could be other legislation that protect the citizen that are less encompassing in scope and damaging in action), and force Britain’s Muslims to start acting a bit more like other more useful immigrants who’ve come to these shores.  Basically, why can’t the Muslims be a bit more like the Jews and the Germans and all the others who’ve contributed to Britain.  Unlike Muslims who only take, demand and threaten.