The Idiot Queen speaks

I didn’t watch Question Time in full last night as I had other things to do, but I did catch part of the simulcast of the programme on Radio 5 Live. What I heard, in this broadcast from the town of Rochdale, at once horrified me and angered me at the same time.

As usual with the BBC, there was the illusion of balance, but with both Laurie Penny and Dame Shirley Williams appearing on the panel, both of whom are from the multikulti left, it seemed like a funny sort of ‘balance’ to me.

The snippet that I heard that made me want to launch my laptop into orbit with an angry kick, was from Dame Shirley Williams. During the debate, (the question that Dame Shirley addresses is at 46:00) or as much as a debate as the BBC allows that is, on the issue of Islamic face coverings Dame Shirley made the comments to the effect that there was nothing to worry about on the issue of Islamic garb, that she wasn’t in favour of a ban on Islamic face coverings. She also made an outrageously unwise statement, one so outrageous that it should really be called an untruth. She said that eventually in Britain the hijab and the nikab and apparel like that would die away. She believes that as Muslim women in Britain integrate then the desire and need for obscuring Islamic garments would melt away. Dame Shirley also said that to make women equal Muslim men need to be worked with. How she could say such things in a town where local non-Muslim girls have been the victims of a widespread rape jihad, shows just how disconnected Dame Shirley is from reality.

What strange and weird planet is Dame Shirley on? There is no evidence whatsoever that the ideology of Islam is giving up its women. No evidence at all that Islam is prepared to loosen the shackles that Muslim women are under. We have had Islam in Britain for decades now and the misogyny of Islam is getting worse, not better. There are more women in hijabs, more women in imprisoned in ‘The Black Cloak of Death’. Islam has been oppressing women for 1400 years and hasn’t changed, whatever cultures, religions and ideologies Islam has rubbed up against or absorbed, Islamic misogyny, like its Jew-hatred, has been a constant feature. Someone really needs to remind Dame Shirley that you can’t fight the appalling gyno-hatred of Islam by handing out dole cheques, holding hands and singing kumbaya. It’s like trying to fight a tank with a peashooter.

If the Liberal Left and the doctrine of multiculturalism are idiotic then Dame Shirley has truly shown herself by her words, to be The Idiot Queen. Not content with smashing and eviscerating Britain’s education system while she was in Government, Dame Shirley has now decided that pandering to Islamic misogyny is the way to make such things go away. How someone with so many resources, and the familial intellectual and literate heritage such as she possesses is beyond belief. Appalling naievity and foolishness from someone who should know better.


Radio 5 Live’s coverage of Question Time 19/09/2013

Wiki page on the school and nation wrecker that is Dame Shirley Williams

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  1. Dame Shirley says that, because that is the information she has been fed, no more no less, the fact that it is not true doesn’t matter to her, it is her trusted sources of information. The Left are fed information that they want to hear from the Islamics. If they ever take over it will be like the end of the Iranian Revolution with the Left being the first up against the wall for the firing squad.

  2. Furor Teutonicus | September 20, 2013 at 10:38 am |

    XX How she could say such things in a town where local non-Muslim girls have been the victims of a widespread rape jihad, shows just how disconnected Dame Shirley is from reality.XX

    She probably does not believe the reports.

    With her sort, you could suck up the evodence in a syringe and inject it in their eyeballs, they could, or more importantly, and likely, WOULD not see it.

    I’d love to see Pat on QT with Shirley Williams.

    • Fahrenheit211 | September 20, 2013 at 6:00 pm |

      He’d probably wipe the floor with idiots like Shirley Williams or Laurie Penny,which is probably one of the reasons why he’s not invited onto QT.

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