Another weird one from the darkside

Not even the sheep are safe in Pakistan

Just when you think that Islamic donkey-buggering is probably the lowest that a uneducated, backward, rural Muslim could get, along comes the Pakistani multiple sheep rapist.

The Saudi news site Al Riyadh, said:

Pakistani resident is facing charges of raping 30 sheeps belonging to a citizen in Al Aflag. The arrest came following a complaint received by the police station from a citizen reporting the capturing of the accused offender in the sheeps yard before midnight to conduct a sexual intercourse with the animals.”

30 Sheep! That is a prodigious feat of paraphillia for just one Islamic pervert.

The site added:

The sheep owner filed a complaint to the security authorities to analyze his cattle, Ministry of Agriculture will execute the analysis on the animals to complete the investigation procedures with the accused offender.”

Looks like he may also have been having a go at the cattle as well.

Seems to be that when they can’t get hold of the infidel women to rape, they start on the animals. Violence, intolerance and sheep shagging, that’s Islam for you. Lovely, isn’t it?









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  1. Be fair, those sheep are a lot better looking than many muslim women and they don’t smell as bad

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