From Elsewhere: Alison Pearson hits the nail on the head

Why should we continue to turn the other cheek to creatures like this?

A piece well worth reading by Alison Pearson of the Daily Telegraph.  It’s reproduced by the New English Review.

She is right we have become too wary about naming evil for what it is.

She said:

“We have grown squeamish about using the word evil. We feel it’s a little black and white, a bit too judgmental for modern tastes; but what other description will do for the slaughter of Australian architect Ross Langdon and his partner, Elif Yavuz, a vaccine researcher? The couple was shopping for clothes for their first baby, who was due in a fortnight. The two humanitarians died with their arms around each other and the child they would never meet.

All of this may sound as if it’s taking place at a safe distance. In fact, it’s perilously close and could be coming to a mall near you. There are reports that British-born Somalians were among the gunmen and that Samantha Lewthwaite, aka the White Widow, was leading the attack. 

Because the killing of Christians and other “kafirs” took place in a shopping mall and because some of the victims were white, the Nairobi story has dominated the headlines. Another massacre in Pakistan on Sunday barely registered. Some 350 worshippers at All Saints in Peshawar were laying on a free lunch for the needy when two suicide bombers killed 80 people. The attack is part of a savage pattern of assaults on Christians, from Iraq to Egypt.”

Very well said Ms Pearson.  The way that Islamic nations and society’s treat the non-Muslims shows up starkly the disconnect between what Muslims say their religion is about, and what it is in reality.

She’s right, the time has come for moral clarity regarding the issue of Islam and Jihad.  No good can come of turning the other cheek to those whose guiding book says that we must be destroyed.  Peace will not come by ignoring the guiding hatreds of Islam no matter how much peace is a desirable aim.  No land, treasure or any other concession will satisfy the ravening maw of Islam.

You can’t make peace with such evil, you really can’t.  You can either fight it and destroy it or fight it and contain it.  What should never be done is appease it.


Telegraph piece as reproduced by the New English Review.