Maybe the correct course of action would be to not build a mosque where it is plainly not wanted?


The former Melrose Arms in the village of Shotton Colliery slated to be the latest in a long list of unwanted mosques in the UK.

For over a year the residents of a former coal-mining village in County Durham have been fighting the imposition of a mosque on their area. Residents of Shotton Colliery and their supporters have been demonstrating, organising and complaining to councillors about this highly unwanted project. Tempers have run high and the local people are involved in a pitched political battle to prevent this latest Mosque Paedophile and Terrorism Advocacy Centre from afflicting their area.

Sadly the local authority appears to have taken the Islamic shilling and have approved this project despite many objections. Objections I might add not from people who are ignorant about Islam, but objections from those who know all too much about Islam and the problems it brings. Britain’s Northern towns and cities have in some cases been decimated by Islam. The followers of this death cult have corrupted local authorities and state agencies, played a major part in the Heroin trade in the area, and have raped children and vulnerable young women with virtual impunity for more than a decade.

Islam is also being pandered to by the local authority to such an extent that there is a growing division between the Islamophilliacs who control the local authority, and the rest of the normal, non-Muslim population. Such a division is worrying and could be seen as a prelude to people giving up on the political process completely, and instead dealing with the Islamic problem that they have themselves, and in their own way, which is not a prospect that any reasonable person should relish.

Already the area is wracked with protest against this Islamic imposition onto Shotton Colliery, and a person is awaiting sentence for protesting against the proposed mosque by doing graffiti and nailing his own copy of the Koran to the temporary builders shuttering fixed to the windows of the former pub.

The Sunderland Echo newspaper said:

A MEMBER of a far-right group nailed a copy of the Koran onto a pub which is due to be transformed into a Muslim education centre.”

Now there is the newspapers first factual error in this story. I grew up alongside, and opposed to I might add, the real far right, the NF, British Movement etc. Very little of what I’ve seen and read about the EDL fits into what has been my experience of the far-right. There has not been the hatred based on skin colour nor the hatred of Jews that characterised the far-right nutjobs of my youth.  Since when was objecting to the very obvious fascistic tendencies of Islam by patriots been classed as ‘far right’?

The Sunderland Echo continued:

Graham French also wrote “EDL” on the wall of former Melrose Arms in Shotton Colliery – which has been the centre of demonstrations by the English Defence League in the village, after planning permission to change the use of the building was granted.

Since buying the property, local businessman Kaiser Javeed Choudry has been a repeat victim of crime, Peterlee Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecutor Vicky Wilson said there had been great opposition to the plans and Mr Choudry’s property had been targeted with spray paint and windows had been smashed.

Ms Wilson said on December 14, EDL had been daubed twice in white paint on the building, causing £500 of damage, and an open Koran had been nailed onto a wooden board covering a window.

She added: “Police took the Koran for forensic analysis and found several links to the defendant, including a palm print on the page.”

She told the court that information on Facebook showed French, of Dene Crescent, Shotton, is a member of a group called the Shotton Defence League.”

Mr French, pleaded guilty to causing racially or religiously-aggravated criminal damage. Personally I think that he should have pleaded not guilty and fought his case in court, because take away the spurious ‘racial and religious hatred’ angle, what you have here is just minor criminal damage, no worse than that. However who knows what sort of threats the Islam appeasing local authority and police force may have made to him or his family in order to persuade him to plead guilty.

This case also has a major lesson to anyone who is protesting by burning or mutilating a Koran and that lesson is to handle the Koran you are symbolically destroying with gloves to avoid fingerprints. Oh and don’t urinate on a Koran either no matter how much you may want to, or feel that it is the best thing to do to the Big Book of Death, because of the chance that the patriot who does this will be tracked by their DNA.

This particular case also has some laughable Taqiyya, or lying to promote Islam, coming from the mosque promoter Kaiser Javeed Choudry. He complained that since he bought the building he had been plagued by vandalism at the site and said: “The whole situation has got me upset. We are trying to improve the building and make the area better.”

Mr Choudry, since when has the introduction of Islam made any place better? We have seen from many examples across the British isles of how Islam creates hostile crime ridden ghettos whose inhabitants often treat non-Muslims like dirt. Places like Rochdale, Rotherham, Bolton, Burnley, Birmingham, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, were once places which were proud of their industries and the character of their inhabitants. Now these places are synonymous with gang rapes by Muslims, political corruption by Muslims, oppression of women by Muslims, drug crime committed by Muslims, violence committed by Muslims, and sky rocketing levels of welfare claiming by Muslims.

May I suggest that if Mr Choudry really wants to ‘make the area better’ then he should drop totally his ill-thought out plans to bring a mosque into an area where it is plainly not wanted. If he wanted to improve the area then why didn’t he donate towards the cost of building a children’s play area, or endow a teachers salary for a year or some other more positive way of improvement. A mosque doesn’t improve an area, the appearance of a mosque is often the first indication that an areas is slated for ruination by the foul and unwanted death cult that is Islam.



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  1. Furor Teutonicus | January 26, 2014 at 7:45 pm |

    Yet, if one.. ONE SINGLE pigophobe complains about a Christmas tree, the whole town is cleared of even the smallest trace of tinsel, and snow is banned incase it reminds people of some twat dressed in red playing with reindeer.

  2. Did it ever get built?

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 3, 2016 at 12:02 pm |

      A brief web search for the subject shows that there is no new news on this since 2014. Maybe those more local to the area than me can fill me in with the current situation. The Savages do not seem to be crowing about this as they often do when capturing a building and the ‘Lost Pubs’ project only says ‘will be turned into a mosque’.

      • Thanks for looking,any danger of unblocking me as even though I follow on twitter its gets hard to retweet your stuff,?

        • Fahrenheit211 | May 3, 2016 at 1:12 pm |

          What’s your twitter handle. I might have accidentlly blocked it when i was blocking someone else.

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