Now the Jihadis are allegedly operating out of Portsmouth isn’t it time we worried a bit more about them?


Hat Tip Bluehand (@Fratton68 ).


It seems that the number of British Islamic communities who are supplying Jihad fighters to the Islamo-fascist dominated insurgency in Syria is growing. The Tweeter Bluehand has brought to my attention a police operation in the Portsmouth area that is being carried out following the death of a ‘British’ Muslim fighter in Syria.

The local paper the Portsmouth News said:

COUNTER-TERRORISM police have swooped on a home linked to a jihadi fighter who died in Syria.

Officers from the South East Counter Terrorism Unit yesterday searched a house in Hudson Road, Somers Town, Portsmouth as part of an international investigation.

The property – which police began searching on Tuesday morning – was the family home of Ifthekar Jaman, who was killed in Syria in December after travelling to the war-torn country to fight government troops.

Mr Jaman (pictured) was taking part in jihad – a holy war fought by Muslims – with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) which, until February of this year, had links to Al-Qaeda.

A police spokesman said: ‘Officers from Hampshire Constabulary are carrying out a search warrant at an address in Portsmouth.

It is supported by officers from the South East Counter Terrorism Unit.’

The spokesman said the search was made using powers under the Terrorism Act in connection with an ongoing international investigation.

Residents have been reassured that the investigation was not connected to a terrorist threat in Portsmouth.”


The residents of Portsmouth should also be aware that just because this particular investigation into Bearded Savage violence didn’t relate to Portsmouth, that doesn’t mean that is no future threat from Islamic Jihadis operating from or in Portsmouth.

The newspaper continued:

He added: ‘We would like to reassure residents that the search activity is in relation to issues overseas, and is not linked to any threat to local communities or anywhere else in the UK.’

Residents in Hudson Road said they were shocked to learn the two-day raid on the house involved counter-terrorism police.

Student Portia Reynolds, 21, said: ‘I saw there were about seven police officers at the house, and the police stayed day and night.

We didn’t want to ask what it was about and thought it was a drugs-bust.

I was quite shocked to hear it might be to do with terrorism.

I saw the police were inspecting a car outside the house for a long time, so I thought it was about drugs. There’s never any trouble in the street.

Another neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘There’s been loads of police officers going in and out.

When I was walking past they were wearing what looked like forensics outfits.’

Robert Deverill, who also lives nearby, said he thought the couple who lived in the house had been taken away by police and their car had been confiscated.

He said police had been in the road since about 9.30am Tuesday.

Mr Deverill said: ‘Yesterday there were lots of police in white rubber boots coming in and out.

It looked like they were doing DNA swabs.’”

What is not being mentioned in this story is any indication of how co-operative or uncooperative the local Muslim community are being with the police. We have seen before in the Crawley Jihadi case how local Islamic personages whined more about the police presence investigating a dead Jihadi, then they were about the phenomena of local Jihadis itself.

Our Government desperately needs to ‘do the right thing’ regards these home grown Islamic jihadis and that is to abandon the strictures of the International Convention on Statelessness, and remove the citizenship of those, even if born here, who go to fight for the Islamo-fascist cause in places like Syria.

If that cannot be done then the British Muslim community need to be told that supporting Jihadis whether in Syria or elsewhere is not compatible with life in Britain. Those jihadis who do not die in Syria and remove themselves from the equation are much less of a problem than those who don’t get killed and return to the UK. Does anyone in their right mind believe that these radicalised individuals will not wish to foment Jihad here in the UK?

For the future protection of all of us, we need to wise up to just how great a threat Jihad in all its forms is to our democratic and civilised society, and that which has taken so much much blood and treasure to build could be destroyed in a generation or two if we don’t wake up and smell the coffee regarding Islam. Jihadis should not be operating from Britain and they should especially not be operating out of a place which is the home of the Royal Navy.