From Elsewhere: James Delingpole on the children’s charity that did little about Rotherham or other instances of child molestation by Muslims.

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An excellent article from the polemical writer James Delingpole over at Brietbart. In this article he comprehensively trashes the reputation of the Barnardo’s children’s charity and how it has dealt with the issue of Muslim rape gangs over the last decade or so.

It seems that like councils, politicians and police, Barnardo’s have also also pulled their punches when it comes to Islamic child exploitation gangs. Whether that be for fear of being called racist or to protect the multicultural project so beloved of Leftists in the Third Sector is unclear, but what is clear is that Barnardo’s could have done more and should have been much more honest about where and from whom the danger to our children comes.

Mr Delingpole said:

Among the more nauseating spectacles of the Rotherham child rape scandal has been the squirming evasion and shameless attempts at face-saving by the various authority figures whose job it supposedly was to prevent such horrors happening.

One of them is a man named Javed Khan. He is the head of Britain’s largest children’s charity Barnardo’s which now stands accused of having known about the Muslim rape gang problem for well over a decade – but which chose to do next to nothing to confront it.

In an ugly interview with Sky News, Khan infuriated viewers – and his normally mild-mannered interviewer Eamonn Holmes – with his mealy-mouthed evasiveness.

Not only did Khan refuse to call for the resignation of South Yorkshire Police Commissioner (and former head of Rotherham Council Children’s Services) Shaun Wright but it often seemed as though he was trying to make excuses for the various institutions which allowed mass child rape to occur on their watch.

Holmes could barely contain his fury.

“You’re the expert in the field. You’re the man who people turn to when all else fails. Your charity’s job is to protect children, to protect the innocence of those children. I put it to you, Mr Khan, no one else has bothered: are you going to fail them as well?”

Khan once again evaded the question. As well he might – for the children’s charity he represents is almost as heavily compromised by this scandal as Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police.

We know this thanks to Peter McLoughlin’s detailed report Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery. A whole section of it is devoted to Barnardo’s.

Barnardo’s, founded in 1866, is Britain’s largest children’s charity, with annual revenues of nearly £250 million – most of it, via the government, from the pockets of the UK taxpayer. In other words it has more than enough money, campaigning muscle and political clout to make its influence felt on socially important issues. Apparently, though, the fact that Muslim gangs around Britain have been grooming and sexually abusing often underage white girls (and Sikh girls) was not considered by Barnardo’s sufficiently serious to merit blowing the whistle.

Indeed, there is disturbing evidence that, for reasons of political correctness, Barnardo’s may unwittingly have colluded in the cover up.

Consider this statement by Barnardo’s then-Chief Executive Martin Narey in its 2011 report on child abuse Puppet On A String.

From our experience, we know that in some areas ethnicity is a factor, but in many other areas it isn’t… If you focus on one model of sexual exploitation, children who are being exploited in different circumstances won’t see that it’s an issue for them as well. Young people who need support won’t come forward because they don’t fit the model that’s being presented.

He elaborated on this point at the time in various interviews with the BBC and the Guardian, in response to claims by former Home Secretary Jack Straw that some Pakistani men saw white girls as “easy meat.” Narey said: “I certainly don’t think this is a Pakistani thing. My staff would say that there is an over-representation of people from minority ethnic groups – Afghans, people from Arabic nations – but it’s not just one nation.”

No doubt these statements were technically accurate. But they also served to muddy the waters a) by distracting from the fact that the vast majority of these crimes wereperpetrated by Pakistanis b) by misrepresenting the problem as an issue of ethnicity rather than of religion and c) by implying that attempts to pin these crimes on specific groups were in any case a red herring.

What McCloughlin clearly demonstrates in his report is that Barnardo’s knew for years what was going on. How could it not? As it boasts in Puppet On A String, Barnardo’s is  “the main provider of child sexual exploitation services in the UK”, with 22 “specialist services” in this field. It will have encountered hundreds, if not thousands, of girls who have fallen victim to Muslim rape gangs. Some of these victims’ stories are told in the Barnardo’s report. But with one key detail mysteriously excised: the religious or ethnic identity of the perpetrators.”

An excellent article from Mr Delingpole and one which deserves to be read by a very wide audience so that the people of Britain can see just how deeply the appeasers of the ideology of Islam and those who make excuses for their behaviour have embedded themselves in once respectable charities. I don’t know about you but I’m loathe to contribute any money to Barnardo’s after this. If an organisation that should have done more to protect those abused by Islamic rape gangs, and prevent such gangs from abusing, fails to do so, then they are unworthy recipients of the public’s money, whether that be voluntary donations or cash extorted from the taxpayer.

I can only imagine that Dr Thomas Barnardo, the 19th reformer and child protector from whose work the Barnardo’s charity sprang from, must be spinning in his grave at such a wilful sacrificing of children to savages for the sake of an ideology.

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  1. I just found the law and freedom foundation report cited in that article and it makes a depressing reading.

    The worst of the ‘mutli-cultist’ agencies who did their utmost to further the abuse in an attempt to protect their beloved Islamist criminals were The Children’s Commissioner and CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).

    These pathetic multi-cultural careerists have blood on their hands and it disgust me to read the lying, back-peddling statements that they are now making in their attempts to save their worthless hides.

    A rogues gallery is in order for the worst offenders of the Rotherham abuse cover-up so that the public never forgets which love-sick lefties assisted in the rape and abuse of so many children.

    Something as important as this should not be left to the government. It is the public’s job to ensure that such people never ever be allowed to work with children again.

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