It’s nice to know that the propaganda doesn’t always work.

For many years now British schoolchildren have been subjected to a barrage of pro-immigration and pro-Islam propaganda. From the teachers at the chalkface right up to the academic educationalists, the message has gone out that ‘diversity is strength’ even though it has brought division and that Islam is a fluffy faith even when it can be seen that it is not.

With the enthusiasm of a political officer in a Soviet tractor factory the education profession has gone out of its way to peddle some gross untruths about many things but in particular about Islam. Our children have been told that Islam is a religion of peace, that it is not threat and its values are compatible with our values. They have also been denied access to true information about Islamic history, the slave raids, the violence and conquest, whilst negative things from their own British history, of which like any nation there are many, were highlighted and emphasised.

But, at least according to one recent survey, not every child or young person is taking on board the pro-Islam propaganda that they’ve been constantly drip-fed.

The Independent newspaper is reporting in shocked tones the findings of this survey of the attitudes of 6,000 children towards immigration and Islam. However, many, myself included will see a significant minority of young people not buying the ‘Islam is peace’ guff as a positive thing.

The Independent said:

Almost a third of schoolchildren believe that Muslims are “taking over our country” according to the largest study of its kind carried out in the UK.

A survey of almost 6,000 children aged 10 to 16 across England found that negative attitudes towards migrants and Muslims were widespread among school pupils.

The data, based on questionnaires sent to more than 60 schools across the UK by charity Show Racism the Red Card (SRTRC) between 2012 and 2014, also found that 60 per cent of children questioned believed “asylum seekers and immigrants are stealing our jobs”.

The survey’s results come shortly after Labour MP Tristam Hunt’s embarrassing encounter with a schoolchild, who told the shadow education minister that he would vote Ukip because he would “like to get all the foreigners out of the country”.

SRTRC chief executive Ged Grabby said the results demonstrated more needed to be done to combat far-right extremism and cautioned what message younger people were taking from the media.

This survey shows that this is fuelled by a totally distorted view of the number of immigrants and Muslims living in the UK,” he told The Guardian.

Of the 5,945 children survey across England, 49 per cent agreed with the statement that migration was out of control or not being managed properly.”

It seems very much as if the commissioners of the survey are discomforted by not getting the result they expected and are blaming this result on ‘the media’, even though British mainstream media is generally pro-Islam and the BBC, which accounts for over 65% of the news product consumed in the UK, is relentlessly so. Note also how because the results don’t agree with the policy and ideology of Show Racism the Red Card, the ‘charity’ is blaming the ‘far right’ (which normally for groups like SRTRC, means anybody who doesn’t agree with Islamopandering or open door immigration policies), but the cause for suspicion against Muslims and worries about immigrants hogging access to jobs and services, may come from these children and young people observing the negative effects of unsustainable levels of immigration and of Islamopandering on their local areas. Maybe we should give the young people some credit for noticing the bad stuff that is going on and not whine that some mythical ‘far rightist’ bogeyman is going round corrupting children into ‘racism’.

It’s interesting to take a look at SRTRC’s website and look at just who sponsors and supports this ‘charity’. I dont’ recall ever being asked to donate to SRTRC, nor do I recall seeing any collection tins for them and this has led me to believe that they are, either in whole or in part, a fake charity. A fake charity is one which doesn’t raise the majority of its funds from direct public donations but instead takes money from government and political organisations in order to push a particular point of view. The list of those who sponsor and support SRTRC is stuffed with the ‘usual suspects’ from the Leftist Establishment including the Nation Union of Teachers, the Unite union, the shopworkers union Usdaw, various councils, the Scottish Government and the Unison union. SRTRC is also funded and supported by the Department of Communties and Local Government, a government department that has been allegedly heavily penetrated by supporters of Political Islam

Although SRTRC has done admirable work around racism in sport, most notably in football, they’ve really jumped the shark on this one and departed a long way from this organisations original founding principles. They seem to have become an entity that appears to have been captured by the far Left and far leftist ideas. They also fail to see that being opposed to the ideology of Islam, which is having appalling effects on many British towns and cities, is not racism, but is instead realism. A person can no more be racist against an ideology like Islam than they can be racist against Communism or Nazism.

Of course the Independent wheeled out some academics to say how shocked they were by the findings of the survey and the newspaper continued:

University of Manchester professor Hilary Pilkington cautioned that the results were “not evidence of widespread racism among young people” but instead an indication of “anxiety – often based on inaccurate information”.

41 per cent of children did not think that “Muslims are taking over England” and just under half (47 per cent) thought that relations between Muslims and non-Muslims were poor.

But Dr Paul Jackson from the University of Northampton, who also worked on the research project, was pessimistic – despite acknowledging some young peoples’ “gap between the reality and perception on issues”.

He said: “The subsequent levels of hostility towards these groups is very worrying and is something that we, as a society, need to take seriously.”

From reading these quotes I would ascertain that the only ones suffering from a gap between perception and reality are these academics themselves. The young people and children who have expressed concern about the growth of Islam and Islam’s power and of the problems caused by excessive immigration have knowledge that the academics in their ivory towers just do not have. Neither Professor Pilkington nor Dr Jackson have to live with and alongside the Islam problems and the excessive immigration problems but these young people more than likely do. These academics probably live in areas well away from Britain’s Islamic ghettos and therefore don’t have to worry about their daughters or their sisters becoming victims of Islamic sex crime, or having their jobs taken by immigrants who will work for less. They also probably don’t have to queue up in overfull GP’s waiting rooms or at Accident and Emergency because immigration has put pressure on the health service and they almost certainly do not have to languish on public housing waiting lists that have been lengthened considerably by an immigration policy that has allowed far too many people to come and live in these increasingly crowded Islands.

These children and young people who told the truth about what they have seen and how they perceive immigration and Islam should give us hope that the relentless and continuous propaganda that our children are exposed to in British schools will not always work.

It’s good to see that at least one third of the young people surveyed have free minds.




SRTRC is supported by a Govt department that is a little too liberal towards Islamists if this story from 2010 from Harry’s Place is to be believed.

The ‘about’ page from SRTRC showing the support that comes to this organisation from the Leftist Establishment.

The Independent story on the number of young people who question open door immigration and the ideology of Islam.