More evidence that Islam not only isn’t peaceful but that too many of its adherents are dangerous fifth columnnists.

For a ‘religion of peace’, whose members, so we are told by Muslims and their non-Muslim Quislings, are fully committed to living in an inclusive, open society, Islam certainly seems to be producing a lot of people who would be quite happy to destroy our inclusive and open society. The last 24 or so hours has produced a remarkable number of instances of graffiti supporting ISIS, social media approvals of Islamic terrorism, whole families going off to fight for the terrorists and the incitement of terrorism.

First to Bristol where what looks like pro-ISIS grafiti has been put on a wall. The Bristol Post said:

Graffiti stating ‘ISIS’ has emerged in Bristol after the Tunisian terror attackwhich killed 38 people.

The blue scrawl in Pitch Lane, close to Cotham School, is understood to have appeared recently.

ISIS claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack when gunman, Seifeddine Rezgui, went on a 25 minute rampage on a beach outside the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba.

Thirty of the 38 people who were killed in the shooting were thought to be British, with 29 of them having been identified.

It is unclear if the Islamist terror organisation had a direct role in the attack, but group posted a picture of the gunmen.

Tunisian terror group, Ajnad al-Khilafa, who have allied themselves with ISIS, reportedly posted a warning to holidaymakers weeks before the Sousse attack.

It stated: “‘To the Christians planning their summer vacations in Tunisia, we can’t accept u in our land while your jets keep killing our Muslim Brothers in Iraq&Sham, but if you insist on coming then beware because we are preparing for u something that will make u forget #BardoAttack.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on the Bardo Museum in the capital Tunis in March this year, which killed British mother Sally Adey.

ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, is made up of rebel groups and al-Qaeda offshoots in Iraq and Syria.

The city’s links to the organisation were highlight in October last year when 15-year-old Yusra Hussien left her Easton home – telling her parents she was going to school, but instead is thought to have fled to Syria to join ISIS.

She has since told friends she has become a Jihadi bride.

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Now we move on to Burton Upon Trent where we have another Muslim accused of approving of or inciting Islamic terrorism. The BBC said:

A woman has been charged with encouraging terrorism and being a member of Islamic State.

The 26-year-old woman, from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, was arrested at Heathrow Airport in February as she returned from Turkey.

She has been charged with inciting terrorism and belonging to a banned organisation.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is due to appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court later.

The Crown Prosecution Service said she was accused of belonging to IS between October and January.

She also faces charges under the 2006 Terrorism Act of encouraging others to commit, prepare or instigate acts of terrorism relating to tweets published in September and October.

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Whole Islamic families appear to have decided that Britain wasn’t for them and have instead sought a different life among the head-choppers and rapists of Islamic State. The Guardian said:

A family of 12 who are feared to be in Syria were previously stopped by police when they tried to leave the country, it has emerged.

Three generations of the family, from Luton in Bedfordshire, have been missing since 17 May after leaving the UK for a holiday to Bangladesh.

It was confirmed on Thursday that the family, including a one-year-old baby and two grandparents, had previously been prevented from flying to the south Asian country while officers questioned 21-year-old Rajia Khanom.

However, they were later allowed to travel and flew to Bangladesh on 10 April. They flew back to Istanbul on 11 May and were due back at Heathrow three days later but failed to return.

Counter-terrorism officers are now investigating whether Khanom was radicalised by Islamist extremists in Luton before she and her 11 relatives went on to join Islamic State militants in Syria.

Khanom’s brother Mohammed Akhtar Hussain told Channel 4 News on Thursday that his sister had joined a group of known radicals in Luton who were once members of the now-banned al-Muhajiroun.

A Bedfordshire police spokeswoman confirmed that officers are “looking into a number of lines of inquiry and that is potentially one of them”.

Police have not yet confirmed whether the family have crossed the Turkish border into Syria, but inquiries are continuing.

There are concerns for the health of 75-year-old Muhammed Mannan, who has diabetes, and his wife, Minera Khatun, 53, who has cancer. Khanom is missing alongside her brothers Mohammed Zayd Hussain, 25, Mohammed Toufique Hussain, 19, Mohammed Abil Kashem Saker, 31, and his wife, Sheida Khanam, 27, Mohammed Saleh Hussain, 26, and his wife Roshanara Begum, 24. Three children, aged between one and 11, are also with the group.

Hussain said there was no way his father, Mannan, would have wanted to travel to a warzone and suggested that Khanom might be to blame. “If anyone had plans to go to Syria and join any groups there, it would have been my sister,” he said.

Hussain said the relatives were meant to be enjoying a “big family holiday” to Bangladesh because Minera Khatun has cancer.

He told how he had recently argued with Khanom after telling her she had “fallen in with the wrong crowd”.

Hussain added: “I just keep thinking if only she hadn’t been allowed to go, this might have not happened. I also don’t understand why they were allowed to stop off in Turkey on the way home.”

Friends of 19-year-old Toufique Hussain said he had had everything going for him and “even drove a BMW”. They said he was sending them messages on the social network Snapchat while he was away in Bangladesh and that they suspected nothing out of the ordinary.

At the family home, a neighbour said he would sometimes take the grandfather to the mosque. “They were a normal family, but you never know how these things happen. They were normal religious guys, you’d never think they were extremists in any way. It’s really shocking and unexpected.

I feel sorry for the elder members of the family because they probably didn’t know where they were going. If they’re in Syria they might have been taken against their will, they probably thought they were just going on holiday.”

News of the family’s disappearance emerged on Wednesday – just weeks after it emerged that three sisters and nine children from Bradford had left for Syria.

Although the precise details of both disappearances remain unclear, it appears that there are some parallels.

Like the Bradford family, the missing 12 from Luton were also previously stopped by police when trying to leave the country before being allowed to travel. Both families appear to have rebooked their original journeys and travelled onwards to Syria.

Finally, we visit East London, a place that is being steadily ruined by Islam and Shairah for a 15 year old arrested for committing a terrorist offence. Of course not having a name published in this story does mean that the alleged offender may not be Muslim but the huge influx of Muslims into East London and the existence of a plethora of extremist groups there means that this alleged offender is more likely than not to be Muslim. Sky News said:

A 15-year-old girl has been arrested on suspicion of committing a terror offence, police say.

The teenager was arrested by officers from the Counter Terrorism Command, who attended an address in east London this morning.

She is now at a police station in central London where she is being questioned on suspicion of preparation of terrorism under section five of the Terrorism Act 2006.

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What all these cases have in common is that those involved appear to follow the ideology of Islam. There have been so many of these cases in such a short amount of time that the game must surely be up for those who say Islam is a religion of peace. Supporting terrorism, flighting with terrorists, inciting terror and much more are what the ideology of Islam is giving Britain. The last day or so should show up as a lie that Islam is just like other faiths and that it is compatible with Britain, it’s history, culture and values. Just these few examples are all it takes to show that Islam should have no place in British society. It’s violent, aggressive, and has an overblown sense of its own entitlement. Islam is showing every day just how much it resembles other aggressive fascistic death cults.