The dodgy quotes the dodgy in the search for political advantage, in the London Borough of Redbridge.

Farouk Ismail of the Federation of Redbridge Muslim Organisations - Question. Would you buy a used car from this man?  (Picture from Ilford Recorder)

Farouk Ismail of the Federation of Redbridge Muslim Organisations – Question. Would you buy a used car from this man? (Picture from Ilford Recorder)

This is the first of two stories concerning the London Borough of Redbridge that this blog will be publishing this week, the other one should be along on Thursday.


This blog has done some quite a few highly critical articles about the mendacious grievance-mongers of the Tell Mama organisation. I have criticised their relationships with police, local and national politicians and the media, as well as their exploitation of obviously vulnerable people. However, so far, this blog has not looked at some of the use that some of the dubious information from Tell Mama is put, by equally dubious Muslim groups and individuals. (Please note for a full list of links and some background material on the situation in Redbridge, please see the ‘Links’ section at the bottom of this article)

Some contacts in the London Borough of Redbridge, have sent me some information including a piece from a local newspaper, showing that questionable Islamic groups and Muslim individuals are making use of Tell Mama data for their own political ends and for the benefit of Islam as a whole. This case shows the danger that such agenda driven organisations like Tell Mama and local mosque councils pose for the future, and especially the future of free speech in the UK.

For those who don’t know, the London Borough of Redbridge was once an area which people aspired to live in. It was once a relatively peaceful place, with a large Jewish community made up of people who had managed to work their way out of the ghettos of Whitechapel, along with others who had done well enough to move out of Barking or Dagenham or from the inner city. Later, it became a sort of upmarket shopping area for that part of North East London as well as a place where people went to socialise, and also dance at places like the Ilford Palais.

Now, things are not what they once were in the area,. With the help of a Labour administration in Redbridge, which took control at the last local council election, it is rapidly becoming an Islamised shithole. Parts of Rebridge are now so hostile and threateningly Islamic, that they look and feel just as bad as Redbridge’s neighbouring heavily Islamised borough Newham.

As this blog has detailed before, building siezures by Islamic groups, encouragement of extreme Muslim women’s groups, the Labour council falling over themselves to pander to Muslims in the area, have all blighted Redbridge badly. Soon Redbridge will be as unsafe, unhappy and as unfree as many other Islam dominated areas. It’s also apparent that Muslims in the area are exploiting the recent Paris Islamic massacre in order to demand more protection, more laws against us Kufar speaking out against Islam and more political power. This is where the mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya artists of Tell Mama come into the picture.

Islamic groups and individuals will jump upon and use almost anything in order to get their way politically and this is what is happening in Redbridge with questionable figures put out by the Tell Mama organisation, being exploited by a particular shady character, one Farouk Ismail of the Federation of Redbridge Muslim Organisations (FORMO). According to the Ilford Recorder, in an article written by journalist Ajay Nair dated 26th November 2015, Farouk Ismail has wasted no time at all in picking up on, and using, Tell Mama’s questionable claims that there has been a massive rise in ‘Islamophobia’ since the Paris Massacre.

So, let’s have a quick look at Farouk Ismail shall we. As well as being chair of FORMO, Ismail also is said to have an influence on the management several Muslim cemeteries either in the borough or nearby. What he has done with these cemeteries deserves closer scrutiny at this point. As well as being a big money maker for cemetary managment, the Muslim cemeteries of the area have also been a big opportunity for the pushing of Wahaabism in the borough. Strict Islamic Shariah rules have been imposed on the cemeteries, much to the chagrin of those who consider themselves to be moderate, or merely cultural Muslims. The ‘Wahaabisation’ of the cemeteries elicited this comment from a local councillor in another London borough, Lambeth, Rezina Chouwdhury, to say in a Twitter communication dated 6th August 2015:

“Those Wahabi SOBs can shove it. They won’t stop me putting flowers on my husband’s grave. #Hainault #gardenofpeace”

As you can see Ismail is a divisive and iffy character, prone to throwing his wahhabist weight around and as we can see from the Ilford Recorder item below, appears to have no shame in muscling into the post Paris debate to whine about Islamophobia in Redbridge. He does this even though at the time the article was written, there had been only one minor bit of verbal abuse given to one person in one Indian restaurant. Big deal!

Personally I find it not only dishonest but completely disgusting and immoral that the likes of Ismail can use one small bit of verbal or a few Muslims saying ‘oooh I’m a little worried after Paris’, to pretend that there is some sort of pogrom going on against Muslims. Not only is it highly dishonest, but demeans those who really have suffered from pogroms and ethnic cleansing.

It’s apparent that Ismail is using the recent tragedies and relatively friendly coverage by the areas press, to raise his local and political profile. Here’s the Ilford Recorder featuring Ismail which relies heavily on comments from Fiyaz Mughal of the Tell Mama organisation calling for ‘more legislation’ aimed at non-Muslims who don’t like Islam very much. As is usual policy for this blog, the original Recorder item is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Ilford Recorder said:

A group has urged victims of hate crime to report it after an anti-Muslim attacks helpline reported a 300 per cent increase in calls since the Paris attacks.

Note well that there is no mention by Ajay Nair of the massive amount of flak that Tell Mama has taken from the press, the courts, the old Press Complaints Commission and bloggers such as myself, because of Tell Mama’s proven dishonesty in collating ‘hate crime’ statistics. When I see Tell Mama claiming a “300% increase in complaints made to them”, the the immediate response is to think: ‘Is this real, or yet more Tell Mama bullshit?’

Farouk Ismail, chairman of the Federation of Redbridge Muslim Organisations (FORMO), said hate crimes were “wrong” after the helpline, Tell Mama, received a call from a man who owns an Indian restaurant in Ilford.

Please note that what has brought Ismail out of his box and into the media, is one single complaint from an Indian restaurant worker made via the dodgy Tell Mama organisation.

Tell Mama director Fiyaz Mughal confirmed the man was at the receiving end of “anti-Muslim” comments last week.

I’m sorry but if ‘Phoney Fiyaz and his Dissemblers of Doom’ aka the Tell Mama organisation told me it was raining outside, then I’d feel that I’d have go and check for myself, so unreliable are they.

The organisation said it recorded 115 anti-Muslim hate incidents as of Saturday in the country – about a week after the terrorist attacks in Paris, in which at least 130 people were killed.

Note well that there is no real categorisation of these alleged ‘attacks’ and it’s likely that many, if not most of them, will relate to people saying unkind, but essentially correct, things about Islam either in real life or online. The journalist who wrote this piece, Ajay Nair, really should go back to basics and question anything sent out on a press release, especially when it comes from an organisation such as Tell Mama about which there are many questions about honesty and probity.

The helpline said the figure was up by about 300pc on the weeks prior to the attacks.

Why does the phrase ‘pants on fire’ come to mind here?

People need protection and they need to report it to police too, so that legislation can change,” said Mr Ismail.

Our legislation has to change so that there are more convictions.

This is just wrong.”

Ismail’s comments should chill to the bone anybody who believes in freedom of speech or freedom of opinion. He seems to be of one mind with the mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya artists of Tell Mama in being quite in favour of treating those who criticise Islam or show antipathy towards it, as criminals. Just pause for a moment, and consider what his arrogant demands that there need to be ‘more convictions’ for those who express a dislike for Islam, mean for the future of the UK. It would mean that the state would tell the citizen to ‘respect’ Muslims, despite Muslims doing very little to earn the respect of the majority non-Muslim citizen of the UK.  They have, as I have said in a previous post, ‘failed the Trafalgar Square Test’.

It’s very obvious that Ismail is, with his comment that ‘legislation needs to be changed’, taking aim at the 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act, which contains, at the insistence of Peers in the House of Lords, a ‘free speech’ clause. Because of this free speech clause Britons are free to mock or show antipathy to Islam if they so choose. The problem is there are many Muslims and many Islamic groups, along with many Leftists, who would love to see this free speech clause removed. It’s important that they don’t get their way.

Mr Mughal urged people to “remain vigilant” but assured those in fear that the UK “is one of the safest countries in the world”.

Well it was, until we imported massive numbers of Muslims that is. I don’t think the young girls in places as diverse as Rotherham, Rochdale, Manchester, Tyneside, Oxford and High Wycombe, would consider their lives have been made safer by the arrival of Islam, nor of the Islamic Rape Gangs that victimise them on a regular basis. Nor, it must be said have our off duty service personnel been made more safe by the presence of Islam or our transport workers, or just about anybody else in the UK who is non-Muslim, and has the misfortune to live in an area where Islam has any influence whatsoever.

Sadly, there are some people who believe that the murders in Paris mean that innocent people in the UK should be targeted and this needs to be challenged by individuals reporting it in,” he said.

It pains me to agree with Mr Mendacious Mughal here, but he’s correct that innocent people who happen to be Muslim should not be attacked, but that doesn’t mean that Muslims should be shielded from the correct and righteous anger that many feel about the violent and intolerant ideology of Islam.

My message to Muslims is this: If you get sworn at in the street, or someone in a restaurant takes issue with your overt flaunting of your belief or symbols of your belief, or you hear opinions about Islam that you don’t like, then suck it up and count yourself very lucky that this is all that’s happening. Count yourself lucky that you are not, just to give one example, of the ‘boot being on the other foot’, a Jew in a Muslim country. Then you’d really be in deep doo-doo.

Islam and its followers have not behaved well in the UK, and Muslims should recognise that not dealing with, or speaking about the problems that their belief system undoubtably has, doesn’t exactly endear them with the native population and that lack of endearment is going to be expressed. No reasonable person would want innocent Muslims to suffer from violent attack, but that should not mean that Muslims should be exempt from criticism or not have to confront the knowledge that many people dislike, with good grounds, their belief system or culture.

It should at this juncture be remembered that this whole Recorder story is based around just one, yes one complaint, and even that appears not to be as serious as Mr Mendacious Mughal is making it out to be. Both Mughal and Ismail are for political reasons, building yet another mountain out of a molehill.

A police spokeswoman said they were providing extra patrols.

Hmmm! What about the growing number of people who are increasingly concerned about Muslims and their violence, sedition and crime? Do they get this sort of help and concern? I won’t hold my breath waiting for a positive response from the Metropolitan Police on this. A force that can do their utmost to play down an attack on a woman by a gang of Muslims in neighbouring Waltham Forest borough, is hardly likely to do what is necessary to keep the rest of us safe from Islamic savages and their crimes.

It is with regret, but something that we have come to realise, through experience, that hate crime can increase during these difficult times,” she said.

We know Muslim communities in London are feeling anxious and we are providing extra patrols and are speaking regularly with local mosques and community leaders while closely monitoring the situation.”

Oooh! Feel the hand-wringing and pandering in that police statement. The words of ‘regret’ and the references to ‘hate-crime’ and the patronising syrup of phrases such as ‘these difficult times’ show how far the Met has fallen from the idea of policing people equally. I think that what the Met Police need to realise is that it’s not ‘Muslim communities’ that are feeling nervous or anxious, but the rest of us who are anxious and nervous.

It is us, the non-Muslims who are anxious about where else will be explosively hit by a Muslim suffering from ‘sudden Jihad syndrome’ and it is non-Muslim parents who have to worry about whether or not it is safe to let their daughters out at night because of the threat from the growing number of Islamic Rape Gangs. Worried Muslims? Don’t make me laugh.

It seems increasingly that Muslims are doing the crimes yet we, the non-Muslims, end up doing the time, sometimes literally in a few cases, and the comments from the Met about this story truly show whose side the Met has chosen to be on, and it’s not mine, and it’s not yours either. How many other groups could whine, click their fingers and suddenly get ‘extra police patrols’, even when the so called ‘backlash’ against Muslims is a) relatively minor and b) something that Muslim communities have often brought on themselves by their actions and the actions of their co-religionists? Is it any wonder that the average citizen has a lower and lower opinion of their police force when they can slither and pander to Muslims like this?

To conclude: This story shows that the questionable information put out by groups like Tell Mama is not only going into the ears of police officers, politicians and others in the public sector, but is being used by the likes of Ismail as a stick to beat the rest of us with, and win gains for Wahaabism and for Shariah. It’s a form of ‘jihad by lies’ where unsound information from Tell Mama is used by equally unsound characters such as Ismail for political reasons. It’s not just Tell Mama’s too close relationship with police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service that should worry us, it’s also who and what else is making use of Mughals factual manure pile.


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