This isn’t immigration, this is democide – ‘The Last Whites Of The East End’

The location of the London Borough of Newham

I rarely watch the BBC these days as the Leftist bias has got so obvious. The bias is so widely spread across so many different types of programmes ranging from news to drama and to comedy, that for me it’s a channel that is unwatchable, even though UK law forces me to pay for the BBC.

However, I decided to give the programme ‘The Last Whites of the East End’, which concerns Newham a go. I watched it because for many years I lived in the London Borough of Newham and in other places in East London but left for a better area, partially because I could not stand it any longer and also because I could see the way things were going and they were not going to get better. Also my wife and I were planning a baby and we didn’t feel a child of ours would be safe if we lived anywhere near the area. Islamisation has been rapid, not just in Newham but also in surrounding areas, such as Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham and latterly in Redbridge. The idea of having a Jewish son or daughter in an area controlled by the followers of Islam (who often want me dead by the way) filled me and her with horror. At the last census, Newham was said to have just over 17% of white British people left. What we saw in the programme last night about Newham is not an example of immigration or white flight, but democide. A strong word I know but I can’t think of any other word to describe what is happening there. The area is now so unsafe, especially for those with children, that the only alternative is to leave, if you can.

The Last Whites Of The East End was a programme that both saddened me and made me angry. It saddened me to see that a borough that once was majority white British although one with a healthy sprinkling of other cultures, religions and races, is now an Islamic hell hole. It angered me as it is a document of the destruction of the culture of the East End. This was a culture of close knit families that sometimes over time, absorbed those newcomers who arrived later. This culture has been destroyed by a combination of Islamic immigration and an onslaught of political correctness.

It was a harrowing and sick making programme because of it’s content. What we were looking at was the death of a community at the hands of Islam and the Leftists who’ve encouraged Islam.

The programme concentrated on several different families who are lamenting the changes including an integrated Muslim whose family had been in Britain for many years. It was incredibly sad to see how flooding the borough with Muslims and pandering to this ideology has caused families to split as members move to safer, less Islamic areas. Families whose roots in the area go back five or six generations are finding that because of Islamisation and inappropriate levels and types of immigration that they have to move. The schools, streets and general environment has become so much more unsafe that those who can, and especially those with children are leaving for places like Essex as fast as they can, if that is they can afford it.

The Islamisation of Newham, because that is what it is, full scale Islamisation, is affecting everyone who is not Muslim, and not just those who are white either as the programme showed. Mixed race people who themselves faced racism as children are also now fleeing the onslaught of Islam. I would not be surprised if there are people from other more peaceful minorities such as the Sikhs who are also worried about the rapid and dangerous Islamisation of the borough. It’s become well known that Newham is no longer safe for Jews, how long before it becomes as unsafe for Hindus and Sikhs as it has become for first the Jews and now the white Christians?

Parents with young children are scared that their children will get a poor education or be subject to assault from Muslims or other third worlders and are getting out. Because people want their children to grow up in the relative peace and security that living in a non-Muslim area gives, they are being faced with the awful choice of leaving relatives in Newham and getting out, or seeing their children suffer.

The mixed race bus driver was featured quite heavily in the programme and he married an Eastern European woman. He was full of praise for the family values of Eastern Europeans. He was also terrified of what may happen to his daughter in a borough where the schools now even ban Christmas cards and nativity plays, because of Islam. The schools in the borough ‘terrify him’ he said.

He said: ‘The manners, values and Christian belief system has now gone’ . This is from a man whose family had lived in the area for over one hundred years. He has seen his community utterly destroyed by the Left and Islam in less than 20.

Although it was unspoken by him I got the impression that having a daughter has made him more worried for her safety should they continue to live in an area where Muslims, and more importantly Islamic misogynistic male sexuality, rules the roost. I would not be surprised at all to find a similar Islamic Rape Gang culture existing in Newham as exists almost anywhere else where there are Muslim men.

There has always been a certain level of immigration into Newham, it was a port borough after all, but this onslaught of Islam and other third world immigration has made life for ordinary East Londoners an absolute hell. Access to things like health care and social care is, so contacts have informed me, problematical if you are a non Muslim. If you are white and non-Muslim then you are less demographically or politically important than the Muslims and so get treated like dirt. What has happened in Newham is not merely the effect of immigration or a temporary disturbance caused by newcomers who will, like the Jews the Irish, the West Indians and the pre-war Poles,eventually integrate, it’s utter and complete communal destruction.

The imposition of Islam on Newham by either the stupidity or malice of politicians, has created a situation where the original inhabitants cannot go about their daily lives in safety, cannot bring their children up the way they want and cannot hold on to their culture. If Britain was doing the same sort of thing to some brown skinned tribe on one of our few remaining overseas territories, then the left would be jumping up and down screaming ‘imperialism!!’. The last white Britons of Newham are fleeing because of Islamic imperialism and of their plight the Left seem to care not one little bit.

It was heartbreaking to see the closed down pubs, many of them were ones I once used to drink in. It was also depressing to see these pubs replaced by mosques which are probably led by Imams preaching hatred for the rest of us as so many of them are.

The local working man’s club according to the programme, has become an oasis of Britishness in an area that is dominated by Islam. The manager of the WMC said that there is nothing on the outside for the people who attend his club.

These ‘good people’ and ‘proper EastEnders’ have been driven out by a middle class Left who never have to live with the sort of problems that the dwindling number of white Britons in Newham have to live with.

Peter Ball the WMC manager said that the change has been so rapid that people who have been away for a while are shocked by what has happened to Newham.

I have to visit the borough occasionally and I hate having to do so. I normally go into the area, do what I have to do and get out as quick as I can. Newham has gone from a reasonably racially mixed but majority white area into a third world Islamic hell hole. The place is now so bad that sometimes when I return from the area I find myself hankering after a quarter bottle of scotch, so awful is my experience of going there and seeing the Islamisation and the communal destruction.

Another of the families featured in the programme, the Oakmans, a close knit East London family, were in the process of splitting. They had lived not far from each other for five generations but one of the daughters, Leanne, had decided that enough was enough. She wanted to bring up her children in a safe place among people who she recognised and had stuff in common with, which is not an unreasonable desire. Before she moved to Rayleigh for the sake of her children she described how bad Newham had become. She talked about the violence that had escalated in the borough and how Newham is now ‘a scary place’.

The programme also touched on the ‘boiling frog’ issue with people who have lived there all their lives not noticing just how bad things have got because they have happened over a number of years rather than all of a sudden. Debbie Oakman, the mother of Leanne, said that she had loads of people saying to her ‘oh you are not still living in Newham are you’? These comments appeared to be coming from people who used to live in Newham but got out earlier. Like the frog which if dumped in a pot of boiling water jumps out but stays in the pot until it boils to death if put in a pan of cold water, the Islamisation of Newham has happened over time. This means that those non-Muslims who live there have had the heat turned up slowly therefore they haven’t jumped yet.

Even an integrated Muslim contributor to the programme whose family had lived in the area since the 1930’s said that although his local school exposed his children to different cultures, something he said was good, they were not being exposed to British culture in the school. He said that to not expose his children to British culture and British influences was wrong. This man embraced East End culture and overcame the racism that he had experienced and ended up friends with people who had previously insulted him. He asked his white friends who moved out ‘why didn’t they fight for their area instead of just moving out’? He could not understand why people didn’t fight for their culture and their area. He also said that the whole culture of the area had been destroyed by immigration. If there was on mar on his comments then it was the fact that I was disappointed to see this man who is proud to be British and an East Londoner, still push he ‘tiny minority of extremists’ line even though this is dishonesty that is now beyond dispute. I get the impression that here is a person who knows little about the theology of Islam and instead is a cultural Muslim. Such ‘Islam excusing’ is sadly what we’ve come to expect from the BBC.

It was shocking and heartbreaking to see the contrast between the cohesiveness of the children at Drew Road primary school in the mid 20th century and the polyglot multicultural mess that excessive immigration has caused at the school today. Old film of the children coming out of the school showed almost exclusively white Britons. Today’s film showed something that looked as if it could be a school in Africa or Pakistan. Multiculturalism in Newham has not brought togetherness no matter what the Left may say. It has brought ghettoisation and has forced out good people from an area that they were once happy with. The social cost of ‘diversity’ and the division that it brings is shown by the fact that there are now 142 different languages spoken in Newham and where those families who have worked and lived in the borough for generations are being forced out.

Probably the most powerful and damning part of the whole film came from a customer at the working man’s club who said: “’The life that we knew is finished…..those who support immigration should live in Newham and see what it’s really like.’ They should indeed and not just as high power administrators with the council or ‘charity’ apparatchiks who rarely have to put up with the shit that the ordinary white Britons who live in Newham have to put up with.

Apart from the patronising ‘BBC’ narrator, who didn’t seem to be able to get the sneer out of their voice when speaking of the East Londoners, this was a reasonably fair programme and I say that as someone who is not a fan of the BBC. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The programme gave a voice that is too often silenced by middle class Lefty wankers shouting ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobe’. It was the voice of a community who are seeing hundreds of years of their history destroyed in a matter of mere decades by the onslaught of Islam.

If this programme achieves anything at all then I hope it is this. I hope that all those who live in areas currently unsullied or not yet afflicted by the ideology of Islam and its non-Muslim Quislings, take note of what has happened to Newham. They should look at what has happened there and be more determined to do whatever they can to resist Islam in their areas. The originally small amount of Islam that was in Newham has expanded and also been pandered to by the local authority. This has led to whole-scale Islamisation of the worst kind that had not only made the area unsafe for non-Muslims but has also corrupted the local political system meaning that it is now impossible to shift the Labour/Islam alliance that runs Newham by democratic means. The politicians have mistakenly allowed the Islamic camel to poke its nose into the Newham tent and the camel has ended up pissing over British families who the politicians should have been looking out for and protecting.

This is a must watch programme even though it left me profoundly depressed and boiling with anger.