2016 Ramadan death toll approaching 1000

Ramadan bombathon time (image from thereligionofpeace.com


It’s day 15 in the Ramadan ‘Big Bomber’ house and the bodies are, as expected, piling up. Roughly half way through this Islamic bloodfest the death toll from acts of violence committed by the followers of Islam stands at 900.

No other religion has these sort of figures and it is ample evidence to challenge those fools who say ‘Islam is no different from other religions’. When comparing Islam with other major faiths it’s strikingly noticeable that modern Christians don’t engage in this sort of blood-letting during Lent and Jews don’t go all violent at Yom Kippur. Islam is different, it is more violent, it is more intolerant and it is far far more aggressive than any other major faith on the planet. Also it is most definitely NOT a ‘religion of peace’.

The Religion of Peace (thereligionofpeace.com ) website is keeping a running total for deaths due to violence that occur at this annual Islamic festival of ‘skipping lunch and then killing people’. They also do a comparison with similar deaths caused by other religions and the total this year is ‘0’ for all religions other than Islam.

Ramadan-Bombathon day 15-2016

There is a lot that is nasty, brutish and backward about Islam and it is these attributes that make Islam dangerously different from other religions and especially other monotheistic paths. It is this wild difference between Christianity, Judaism and Islam that bring me to the conclusion that the Islamic deity ‘Allah’ is not the same as the Christian and Jewish deity. Although the interfaith crowd may tell us that Islam is an Abrahamic faith, the stark difference in morals and attitude between Islam and other monotheistic religions and differences in the character of the deity, means that I cannot in all honesty class Islam as an Abrahamic religion. There are wild and irreconcilable differences between The Jewish deity, known as Hashem, or ‘The Name’, the earthly manifestation of the Christian god, Jesus and the Islamic Allah. Hashem told the Israelites to ‘do good works, care for the poor and live well’. The Christian Jesus healed the sick and called for justice. The Islamic Allah on the other hand, tells its followers to ‘kill those who believe not in Allah’. This difference is a huge gulf and shows just why Islam is incompatible with societies based on Judao-Christian values.

Islam is really an unpleasant religious and ideological path and if we the non Muslims are to survive and thrive, we need to be honest about what Islam is, and also,,which is just as important, be honest about what Islam plainly is not.


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  1. English, still here... just. | June 21, 2016 at 8:20 am |

    “There is a lot that is nasty, brutish and backward about Islam”
    That sums up everything about this death cult, in a nutshell.
    No saving graces at all.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 21, 2016 at 10:31 am |

      I suppose you could allow Islam the ‘caligraphy’? The problem is they probably stole it of someone else, probably the Jews who have a similar love of caligraphy and a similar prohibition (to greater or lesser degrees) on depicting the world in ‘graven images’.

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