Islamic sex crime comes to Bristol again.


It seems that there is not a town or city of any significant size in Britain that doesn’t have at least one Islamic sex offender or Islamic Rape Gang operating within its boundaries. The list of these places is growing horrifically long and it’s fair to say that ‘it’s not just Rotherham or Rochdale of Tyneside or Oxford where these terrible offences happen or where these bestial offender attack, it’s anywhere where there are Muslim men.

Now it’s the turn of Bristol in the South West of England to be afflicted yet again by an Islamic sex offender. A few years back in 2014 the city was rocked by a sex gang scandal involving Somali Muslims. In that trial 13 Somali Muslims were convicted of raping, sexually assaulting and sex trafficking young teenage girls. The girls were mostly raped by other Somalis who paid the gang for access to the captured and terrorised young girls.

In this latest case a Muslim savage, Mohammed Afzal, aged 23, posed as a taxi driver in order to cruise around and search for victims. Afzal stalked around the city centre and eventually found a woman whom he convinced that he was a licensed cabbie, drove her to some deserted location and attempted to rape her. Unfortunately this is a scenario that happens all too often and women should be extremely careful about getting into any vehicle with a Muslim man. Even those Muslim cabbies who are licensed and seemingly genuine have been known to flip and engage in rapes so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry and say ‘no Muslim driver please’. It’s better to be called a ‘racist’ by the cab office, or by your less aware friends, than to end up as yet another sad statistic on the growing list of Islamic sex crime victims.

The local police force that covers Bristol, the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, put out a press statement about this case. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from Avon and Somerset Constabulary is in italics and my comments are in plain text, The statement reads:

A 23-year-old man who posed as a taxi driver to pick up a woman in Bristol who he later attempted to rape has been jailed for five years and four months.

Mohammed Afzal, of no fixed address, was driving around Bristol city centre in the early hours of Thursday 14 April 2016, when he stopped to pick up a 22-year-old woman who thought she was getting into a taxi.

Afzal drove her to an unknown venue where he attempted to rape her.

He was sentenced to five years and four months’ imprisonment and an additional three year extended licence at Bristol Crown Court today (21/6) after previously admitting a charge of attempted rape. He’ll also be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

Bristol is not alone in having Muslim men posing as helpers but who are really rapists. It happens all over the place. Islam as an ideology has a very poor opinion of women in general and many Muslim men see non-Muslim women as ‘their’ property to use or abuse at will. As regards the sentence well it’s really not good enough is it? Five years four months means that he will probably be out in 2 and a half to three years with good behaviour on his part whilst in prison. Being on the sex offenders register for life probably won’t bother him either as since when did any of these rapist criminal savages care for any other law other than Shariah? Is being on the register going to do anything at all to stop him following the example of his faith’s twisted ‘prophet’ and rape again? Of course it will not.

The police statement continued:

Investigating officer Acting Det Sgt Laura Miller said: “Afzal posed as a taxi driver and can be seen on CCTV footage driving around Bristol city centre looking for someone to target.

He drove past the victim before turning his car around. He then parks nearby and runs towards the victim, leading her towards his vehicle.

He drives her to an unknown location and attempts to rape her, plying her with illegal drugs including opiates and amphetamine during this horrific ordeal.

The victim was dropped off at her home several hours later but crucially asked for his phone number, which he gave her.

She reported the incident to police later the same day and we took the decision to message Afzal, posing as the victim and arranging to meet up. He attended this meeting and was arrested and later charged.

The victim’s faith in humanity has been deeply wounded by this incident, which I hope in time she will go onto recover from.

Afzal is a predatory sexual offender who preyed on this victim’s vulnerability, but a combination of the victim’s bravery in coming forward and dynamic policing methods means he’s now been removed from the streets.”

It’s no surprise at all to me that Afzal is, as the police described, ‘a predatory sex offender’ as so many Muslim men are. He was also so cocky and self assured that he gave the victim his phone number. This shows that this savage is not even on the same bloody planet as the rest of us let alone the same moral plane. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Islamic male sexuality in action. Islamic men treat their own women like shit, the burka, niqab and hijab are evidence of that, these garments are as much a ‘slave mark’ as the skin branding of a Negro slave in the Antebellum south of the United States. Not only do these predatory Muslim men treat their own women like shit, they often show that they have no real moral qualms about treating non-Muslim women like shit as well. This is Islam red in tooth and claw.

The police statement concluded:

Following the sentencing hearing, the victim said: “People like him exist. You don’t think it’s going to happen to you.

You’re strong and you’re fine, but it does happen and you can have your strength taken away from you.”

Of course people like him exist and they exist in all communities. However there seems to be a disproportionate amount of them coming from among the followers of Islam.

Reader, let this young woman’s appalling ordeal at the hands of this worthless Islamic savage be lesson to you. That lesson is this. We have in our communities, because of the actions of politicians, a large and growing number of Muslims who think they have the Allah-given right to rape or commit acts of paedophilia. No woman should ever get in a hire car driven by a Muslim, as to do so may well increase their risk of being sexually attacked.

Avon and Somerset Police must have known, how could they not after the 2014 case, that there is a problem with Islamic sex criminals in Bristol. It makes me wonder if the police and other authorities should have come down much harder than they appear to have done on the Islamic communities of Bristol? A community which is producing and nurturing so many sex beasts, like that of the Islamic community needs to be targeted and it needs to be targeted with the gloves well and truly off.

Sadly I don’t think this is the last Islamic sex crime that Bristol will see. If the situation in Bristol is anything like that of elsewhere in the UK then the Bristolians will be dealing with the trauma of dangerous, sexually incontinent rapist Muslims for a long time to come.


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